Fields Avenue introduces Your Happy Place Radio and Toolkit for a Better You

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In a world full of bad news and unrealized dreams, Fields Avenue starts a "happiness" radio station that is being heard all over the world and is helping people achieve their goals through their incredible celebrity guest list and with their new life changing product, Toolkit for a Better You.

Our Mission here at Fields Avenue is to make the world a better place by providing tools to help people learn to be happy and live their dream lives.

Fields Avenue is owned by Shawna Fields and Tania Fields Bedford, who are two sisters raised in a small town on the outskirts of San Francisco, CA. They are introducing Your Happy Place Radio and Toolkit for a Better You to the world.

They have studied the power of the mind, positive thinking, creating your dream life and living with passion their entire lives. Together the dynamic duo have over 40 years of experience in coaching, teaching, leadership, training, business ownership, fitness, nutrition, the beauty industry, martial arts, world travels, linguistics, and motivational speaking. They have a special relationship with people on a heart level.

Out of despair and sadness from the sudden loss of their father at a young age, grew the passion to share the tools they used their entire lives with others. “Life is about discovering your true passion and aligning to it daily so that you can live a fun, happy and fulfilled life!.”- Tania Fields Bedford, master leadership and development coach.

Together they started Fields Avenue which is a company dedicated to producing life changing products and services which empower others to live their dream lives. The products and services range from fitness consulting, life coaching, life empowerment products, a happiness blog and a “good news” radio station that is spreading like wild fire being that it is available on ITunes for the entire world to download for free.

They began Your Happy Place Radio in 2010 and started promoting powerful positive news. They co-host the show together and discuss positive concepts that lead to living a happy and enjoyable life. They have had incredible guests like don Jose Ruiz author of The Fifth Agreement, Fitness Phenomenon Laura London, Master Healer Jan Diana, Life Coach and Law of Attraction Expert Karen Luniw, Raw Food Enthusiast and You Tube Guru Dan McDonald, Fitness You Tube Celebrity Scott Herman, Chaney Weiner, founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential, Awareness seeker/ Documentary Filmmaker/ Forgiveness Expert and Founder of Kimberly Trapp, and many more. You can listen to past episodes either on iTunes or here

Through practicing what they preach, Shawna was able to not only meet her fitness mentor, the one and only, Jennifer Nicole Lee, but was able to participate and take part in her huge worldwide fitness JNL Fusion DVD production. Shawna is a big believer in creating the life that you want, and doing it now. Her tagline is “your NOW creates your LATER.” Words we all should take to heart in this world of excuses and procrastination. In this year of making dreams come true, she started to compete in physique competitions, transforming her body into a work of art, and learned the ultimate thing a human can; the art of mastering the mind. “Embrace the low points in your life, because that is where the desire for change is born.” –Shawna Fields

They have also recently launched an incredible life empowerment program called Toolkit for a Better You which provides incredible tools to help people live their dream lives! Endorsed by Fitness Guru Laura London, “First I want to say I think the two of you are AMAZING. What you have put together in the Toolkit for a Better You needs to be shared with the world!! You have put together a program that is life changing. It is hard to believe how much amazing information there is in this one little package! I can't say enough about Toolkit For A Better You! This is the program you must have to take charge of your life and live your dreams. Tania & Shawna have created a masterpiece of positive energy. I enjoyed reading and listening to everything in the Tool Kit. You will learn to set goals, meditate, surround yourself with positive thoughts and accomplish things you never dreamed possible. This is a must have for everyone!”

In addition, they have developed very powerful Guided Meditations that can be used to help visualize and materialize your dreams. They have created an entire album called Your Guided Meditations Volume 1, a single called Your Spa Meditation and a single called Super Abundance & Prosperity Meditation, which are all available on the world renowned ITunes store and can also be found through their main website. . They have also created two FREE downloadable meditations on their website just to help people get started.

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