Surge Money Investment Returns by 1700% or More is Probable for Readers of Make Your Money Grow Faster and Last Longer. For Proof, Read the Short "Proof" in the Sidebar.

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“Make Your Money Grow Faster and Last Longer", is a novel book in that it makes it easy to practice sophisticated Modern Portfolio Theory (“MPT”) merely by selecting existing and proven MPT portfolios from the database. This technique produces moderate MPT portfolios with superior annual money returns of 17.56%, year after year, through two bear markets, and for the ten years ending June 3, 2011.

The book also explains why investor returns chronically fail to beat the S&P 500 which for the ten years ending June 3, 2011 has averaged 2.15% including fund fees. This is puny when compared to the sophisticated MPT portfolio that states averaged 17.56% for the same time period. In fact, the Dalbar QAIB studies for the last 27 years document that investors, including 401k plan participants, chronically fail to earn S&P 500 retturns by 58% to more than 70% each year. The most recent Dalbar QAIB 2011 study shows investors, including plan participants, missed 58% of the inferior returns available from the S&P 500 for the twenty years ending December 31, 2010.

The book proves to readers that they are the investors Dalbar portrays. The book shows investors how to stop the chronic failure to achieve market returns. The book makes it so easy to stop because the author explains basic MPT in terms of three simple to understand elements. The author refines these elements in terms of 5 easy to apply Maxims of MPT. These Maxims allow investors and/or their advisors to find an abundant number of investible, proven MPT portfolios on the database.

The Maxims are based on proven Nobel Prize winning ideas and other highly respected and enduring research. The book shows readers how to easily and permanently resolve these chronic failures. In this nexus, the book identifies several alternative MTP portfolio options to choose from including a conservative option that states produced an average return of 11.54% for the ten years ending June 3, 2011.

For plan sponsors, the book exposes sponsor liability for the difference between the above MPT type returns and those less than S&P 500 returns commonly earned by individual investors, including plan participants. Sponsor liability exposure occurs because most federal appellate courts (with the tacit approval ov the United States Supreme Court) have ruled Modern Portfolio Theory is the DoL investment standard and because sponsors have breached their fiduciary duties to properly educate plan participants regarding the benefits and practice of MPT.

For plan participants, the book explains the benefits and the practice of MPT. It also explains how easy it is to identify and select appropriate MPT portfolio options from those typically offered by employers. The book thus goes a long distance to solve the MPT liability problem for sponsors.

For individual investors, the book uses concrete real world examples and analogies to everyday experience to explain the abundant and hidden benefits of the five Maxims of MTP for stopping the chronic investor failure to achieve basic market returns. The five Maxims make it easy to consistently increase your money returns and lower your investment risk. The author explains why it is so easy to obtain such consistent superior and outstanding MPT returns year after year. Besides money performance, the book stresses proven strategies for efficient risk management for keeping investors invested during market crashes. And why MPT means more returns for less risk.

For commissioned advisors, the book explains how to earn significantly more money and greater client retention opportunities when clients practice the Maxims taught in this book.

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