Pure, Wholesome and Delicious: Introducing Lilly, The Single-Ingredient Sour Cream

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Lilly Sour Cream, now widely available, is as pure as it gets: a one-ingredient sour cream with absolutely no thickeners, gums or preservatives.

All Natural Lilly Sour Cream

The Lilly Sour Cream Line-Up

“Rather than focusing on “low fat,” consumers are now looking for a short ingredients list, and the shorter the better,” says Joe Lunzer of Hermosa Farms

Tired of additives-laden foods pretending to be “healthy,” consumers are demanding real foods, with a short list of ingredients and no additives. Look no further than Lilly Sour Cream

After years of settling for artificial-everything, in the quest to eat “low fat,” consumers are now demanding REAL food. No preservatives, no additives, and no artificial flavorings. Food as our grandparents used to eat- simple, wholesome, and delicious.

“Rather than focusing on “low fat,” consumers are now looking for a short ingredients list, and the shorter the better,” says Joe Lunzer of Hermosa Farms, maker of Lilly Sour Cream. “They don’t want to see any ingredient that they can’t pronounce, and they certainly don’t want to see any starches, gums or added flavors, because those mean the product is inferior and needs artificial help to appear appetizing and taste good” he adds.

"I always recommend to my clients to carefully read nutrition labels, to know what we are and are not eating” says June M Lay, M.S. “We should also keep in mind that foods that have a long list of ingredients tend to have additives, and are less pure” adds Lay.

Now widely available, Lilly Sour Cream is a delicious, satisfying sour cream that is thick and rich. It is made using a unique, patent-pending, European style process that results in a delightfully creamy texture, even though Lilly contains less saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium than regular sour cream, and more protein and calcium.

In an era of highly processed foods, consumers looking for the incredible taste and texture that only real foods can provide will love the rich, thick flavor of Lilly Sour Cream and the ultra-short ingredient list compared to our competition.

Lilly is 100% all natural, and has only one ingredient: Milk. It contains no thickeners, gums or preservatives. The result? A better tasting, healthier product. Your body will thank you as you savor every creamy spoonful.

Looking for sour cream recipes? Visit the Lilly Sour Cream Recipe Blog that celebrates the simplicity of real dairy in recipes that use just a few of the very best ingredients.

Taste the one-ingredient difference. Try Lilly Sour Cream today. Available in Regular, Light and Fat Free sour cream.

About Lilly Sour Cream
Lilly Sour Cream is a delicious sour cream made using a unique, patent pending European process that results in a thick, creamy product that contains just milk, and absolutely no thickeners, additives or preservatives. It is made by Hermosa Farms, a family owned and operated California dairy farm and one of the last dairies in Southern California to own its own cows and to proudly process, package and distribute its own products.

About June Lay, M.S.
Author of “It’s Not a Diet, It’s Creative Eating” and lifestyle columnist at healthnewsdigest.com. Her website, JuneFit is included in Google's top ranked women's health.
Ms. Lay is available for media interviews.


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