New Book Gives Religious Trinity a Makeover--Is this Blasphemy? What Roles Do Religion, Myth and Conscious Beliefs Play in Western Culture and the Pursuit of Happiness?

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Freedom from fear and personal limitations is what The New Trinity is about in its simplest sense. In its wider perspective, it is a groundbreaking book of spiritual ideas and practice that leads to focussing within the self. For many, traditional religion does not hold the answers to finding peace of mind. Jack Burch's book is not against religion, but it puts the emphasis in the hands (and minds) of people to create their own spiritual pathway using free will. "Nothing could be more important."--Larry Dossey, MD, Author"

For thousands of years, the spiritual term “Trinity” has been widely recognized as the foundation of a formidable religious life. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are deeply engraved in the spiritual psyche of western culture, so much so that to think of them in any other context would be abhorrent to some, but entirely liberating to others when the source of spiritual enlightenment is recognized as coming from within. Religious education aside, one needs to bridge the gap between free will and Gods' will and become proactive in creating well being.

Jack J. Burch invites spiritual seekers to discover a new identity for themselves in The New Trinity This book, 15 years in the making, reexamines the roles of religion, myth and conscious beliefs--and illustrates the marvelous capability humans have in discriminating their choices and exercising their free will to create an enlightened universe.

Once the power we give emotions (anxiety, fear, etc.) is understood, and the practice of mindfulness through affirmative meditation is undertaken, it becomes clear that 'the source' has shifted from outside the body to within. The New Trinity is comprised of three elements: the conscious you, the generative source of all things (Divine Feminine), and the experiential world. Here the term “Generative Principle” is introduced as the spiritual source that together with consciousness and experience, establish the New Trinity as a strong spiritual foundation for today.

"A section that particularly resonated with me states, “A great misconception about being spiritual is that one needs to be pious and reserved. This belief inhibits the vibrancy of life, itself. Your spirituality offers a joyful freedom of expression in the world ranging from the exuberance of creativity, through the fulfillment of relationships, to a quiet serenity of time spent alone. "To follow your bliss," as Joseph Campbell so implored us, is to find your personal spiritual path, for they are one and the same. (Burch) clearly states that we are not incidental observers, but rather the instigating force to be reckoned with."--Reviewed by OlIVERA BAUMGARTNER-JACKSON for Reader Views (5/11)

"Jack Burch leads us beyond the limitations that constrict our awareness, to a majestic view of who we are. The payoff is a richer, more fulfilling way of being in the world, and a deeper connection with the spiritual, divine side of existence. Nothing could be more important."
—LARRY DOSSEY, MD, Author of The Power of Premonitions and Healing Words

"A unification of philosophy, psychology and spirituality. In this extensive work, Jack Burch shows how the marriage of our elevated masculine consciousness to our feminine conciousness - referred to as the Generative Principle - allows us to incorporate spiritual energy into our our self-identity. Through the practice of affirmative meditation, The New Trinity is lik aguiding hand that reaches out and leads us to an awareness of pure consciousness--the spiritual reality of all life." -- GAIL FELDMAN, PhD, Author of Taking Advantage of Adversity, and Midlife Crash Course.

JACK J. BURCH, an Albuquerque NM resident, received a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University, followed by a career in electro-optical research at Texas Instruments. Burch studied metaphysics for over 20 years and served as a licensed Religious Science practitioner, teaching classes in metaphysics and meditation. His continuing passion produced a systematic and comprehensive approach to spirituality arising from human consciousness.

The resulting spritual pathway he termed secular is due to Burch's belief that spirituality is a natural and inherent aspect of consciousness requiring only that it be personally realized and embraced by each individual.

"The New Trinity: Your Secular Pathway to Personal Spirituality develops an extended mindfulness practice termed Affirmative Meditation that employs each person’s innate spiritual identity, providing enhanced life experiences. If more people become aware of their own spiritual identity and that of others, being independent of their human situation, and independent of their religious orientation, then societies will better relate through this natural linkage.

"During the past two decades, neuroscientists have shown benefits of basic mindfulness practice in addressing psychological disorders. That is, the apparent non-material consciousness actually changes the material neurological connections in the brain to alleviate painful experiences.

"The linkage between willful consciousness action and its material manifestations remains unknown, and is termed in the book as the Generative Principle. The New Trinity, as a triad, consists of consciousness, material (and experiential) manifestations, with the Generative Principle in between." —Jack J. Burch

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