LG CNS Hosts ‘Entrue World 2011’, the Largest Business Innovation & IT Conference in Korea

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With 1,500 key figures from industrial and academic circles participating, LG CNS hosted ‘Entrue World 2011’, the largest business innovation and IT conference in the country, in Seoul

Ever since its kick-off in 2001, LG CNS(http://www.lgcns.com) Entrue World, which was the first of its kind for the IT industry, has been introducing the latest and most advanced management theories and IT trends to clients in preparation for the future. Entrue World has consequently become the top IT conference in Korea.

With the theme of ‘Into the New Era: Smart & Creative’, this year’s Entrue World introduced the future direction of corporate strategies and response measures utilizing IT by focusing on the main keywords of the digital era in the 21st century: Open/Creative, Smart/Intelligent, Innovation/Reformation.

In his welcoming speech, LG CNS CEO, Dae Hoon Kim expressed the sentiment in his welcoming speech that “in the present global economy, industrial structures are reorganizing. The development of technology is diminishing industrial boundaries and collaboration is increasing between businesses within different industries, which makes it difficult for corporations to maintain their status quo with the existing strategies.”

He voiced the meaning of this year’s conference by adding that, “Entrue World 2011 will fall into step with changes in the new industrial order, which is being led by rapidly developing technology, and will thus present new directions for innovation and the practicing of strategies for acquiring a creative and smart foundation for management.”
CEO Dae-hoon Kim, “The smart era with expanded digital convergence has arrived.”

On this day, CEO Kim introduced the advent of the smart era with the topic of ‘A Smart Future Built upon Smart Technology’ along with the smart technology with which to realize that smart future. He also won a positive response from participants by presenting his keynote speech on the image of the future, where smart technology would converge in the respective industries.

CEO Kim also stated that “the network-based ‘Internet Era’ evolved into the mobility-based ‘Ubiquitous Era’, which in turn evolved into the convergence-based ‘Digital Convergence Era’. Now, as digital convergence has further expanded and proliferated, the intelligence-based ‘Smart Era’ has arrived.”

He said that “the ‘smart’ in Smart Era refers to becoming highly intelligent in terms of information technology by acquiring an unexpected and unprecedented level of information processing capability in the individual and industrial sectors.”

In addition, the CEO explained that “the ‘smart technology’ of the Smart Era refers to technologies that combine different industries to create a new smart industry. It does not mean that the technology itself is smart, but is rather a comprehensive technology that continuously evolves and develops to make customers and industries smart.”

Moreover, he emphasized that LG CNS would strive to forge ahead as the leading industry in the smart era by depicting future images of the smart industry, such as the Smart Green City, the Smart Healthcare, the Smart Factory, and the Smart Car.

On a different note, Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of the international IT magazine ‘Wired’ and the originator of the ‘long tail theory’ and ‘freeconomics’, was invited to be the overseas keynote speaker for this conference, and captivated interest by lecturing on the changes of new industries centering on the web with the topic of ‘The New Industrial Revolution’.

Based on its 11 years of accumulated know-how, LG CNS’s Entrue World plans to provide differentiated value to its customers and to introduce advanced management trends and case studies for creating new value throughout companies and the domestic IT industry.

*About LG CNS’s Entrue World
LG CNS’s Entrue World guides the domestic IT industry by presenting the leading IT flow.
Entrue World has been leading the domestic IT industry by presenting the leading flow of IT to its customers for the past 11 years.

Entrue World introduced ‘e-commerce’ in 2001, which explosively grew into one of the foundations of the corporate world and society. It also introduced the concept of ‘Real-Time Enterprise (RTE)’ in 2003, which has continuously expanded, and has been applied to various solutions and operation strategies, thereby ultimately establishing itself as an advanced corporate model.

In addition, numerous esteemed figures, including Dr. Omae Kenichi (global management guru and consultant), James Champy (global management consultant and creator of the concept ‘reengineering’), and Thomas Malone (Prof. at MIT and an expert in corporate organization theory), have participated as the keynote speakers of Entrue World. It is furthermore recognized as the leading conference in the country in terms of scale, with 19,461 participants, 190 presentation themes, and 161 presenters.

  • The Meaning of “Entrue”
  • The prefix ‘en’ is attached to ‘true’, meaning to achieve the goals and realize the growth of customers
  • Also, it is the name of the consulting division of LG CNS


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