Kundalini Yoga Music - Revisited, Revisioned and Remixed

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Devotional Electronic Music: The ultimate blend of sacred and worldly.

Kundalini Remix Album Cover

Kundalini Remix -Yoga Mantras Revisited

"See you in the temple. See you on the dance floor." - Tommy Rosen

Announcing the release of Kundalini Remix: Yoga Mantras Revisited.

When producer Joshua Jacobs conceived the "Kundalini Remix: Yoga Mantras Revisted" album, he felt the yoga music scene was ripe for something fresh. “I love the beautiful Kundalini yoga music created at Spirit Voyage, and I knew that the time was right to revision it to create a new sound and reach a new audience.”

The powerful mantras of the Kundalini yoga tradition each have their own unique effect, but all lend themselves to the awakening of Kundalini energy. This same spiraling, undulating Kundalini energy that rises up the spine and creates joy can be found within the pulsing rhythms and fresh beats on “Kundalini Remix”.

To create a rich, textural experience, producer Joshua Jacobs recruited mix masters with both a keen ear for global music and a sensitivity to the spiritual nature of mantra. The DJs on Kundalini Remix were charged with a sacred task: go into the cave, get the mantra, mix it with your essence and return it to the people. Each track on “Kundalini Remix” was the brainchild of a different talent, the end result of which is a smorgasbord of emotional effect and rhythmic appeal. Some of the top DJ’s in the world participated on this project, including talents as diverse as Cheb i Sabbah, Adham Shaikh, Mayko, Duke Mushroom, DJ Milly De Mori, and Desert Dwellers.

It was especially important to Spirit Voyage that the music retain its uplifting and sacred nature while exploring this new world of sound. “Kundalini yoga teachers have been asking for energetic, beat-driven music to lead their students through challenging kriya and meditation, and I think we’ve been successful in giving them a balance of spiritual potency with incredibly exciting music,” says executive producer and Spirit Voyage Records CEO Karan Khalsa.

“Kundalini Remix” features songs by Kundalini yoga music stars Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha Singh, Mirabai Ceiba, Gurunam Singh, Guru Singh, Nirinjan Kaur and Sat Kartar, as well as tracks by kirtan artists Dave Stringer and Thomas Barquee.

From the driving beats on the uplifting remix by Duke Mushroom of Dave Stringer’s Aja Uttama, to the expansive and ethereal remix by Drumsypder of Mirabai Ceiba’s Gobinday, to the chill-out remix by Cheb i Sabbah of Snatam Kaur’s Mul Mantra, this album has something for every occasion. The melodic bass, driving beats in percussive layers, and an other-worldly blend of instruments create something that’s not your mama’s yoga music.

Says yoga teacher Tommy Rosen, "The DJs on Kundalini Remix have been charged with a sacred task: go into the cave, get the mantra, mix it with your essence and return it to the people. This is the modern-day hero’s journey in musical form. See you in the temples. See you on the dance floor."

Yoga is about bringing a sense of union into your whole life, not just on a yoga mat. “Kundalini Remix” is designed to create a new soundtrack for your life, whether you’re on the yoga mat, at a dance party, or just creating ambience in your home.

For more information: http://www.spiritvoyage.com/kundaliniremix

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