Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Blasts Obama's Idea Of Tapping Into The Strategic Oil Reserve-Perhaps He Hasn't Heard About Iran's Nuke

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The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is blasting President Obama for his comments on Wednesday June 8th 2011 related to tapping into the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, in light of the fact that on the very same day an Iranian Military Journal is now openly discussing a test related to their first nuke. Iran has up until June 8th, 2011 indicated their Russian designed nuclear power plants were to be used for peaceful purposes. According to Obama, "My general view has been that the strategic petroleum reserve is to be used when you don’t have just short term fluctuations in the market, but where you have a disruption.” Then Obama said. “Libya has taken 125 million barrels off the market. We’re examining broadly what that means in terms of the oil market.” The Wall Fraud Watchdog says, "Huh? President Obama is talking about tapping into our strategic oil reserve on the same day Iran is talking about it's nuke? When will amateur hour at the US White House end? An Iranian nuke is an unacceptable option for the Middle East, and for the world. An Iranian nuke also means the Iranian Spring Offensive on the Arabian Peninsula just took a really dramatic turn for the worse. The translation in all of this is pretty simple, an Iranian Nuke means we had better start saving every drop of oil in our Strategic Oil Reserve, because we may actually need it. An Iranian Nuke also means say so long to $4.00 per gallon oil----its going to $5.00+." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

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So much for President Hope and Change. If we are extremely lucky, change is all we will have left

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is ringing Alarm bells over Iran's Military now openly talking about testing a nuclear weapon in one of its rural areas. At the same time the group was amazed to hear that US President Obama was openly talking about opening the US Strategic Petroleum reserve, as a way to lower the cost of gas for US consumers, on the same day that Iran is talking about testing it's new nuke? The group says, "You do not open up the US Strategic Oil Reserve on the same day the Iranian Military openly talks about testing its first nuke! The Obama Presidency is a disaster, and if Iran really is on the verge of having a Nuke, its a game changer for the US, our economy, US inflation, and any possibility of a global economic recovery." The group says, "We know President Obama is still patting himself on the back over very brave US Navy Seals killing the mass murderer Osama bin Laden. Did anyone in the press hear the part about Obama needing to think about the raid, and sleep on it, he'd get back to the US Military in the morning? How long would it have taken former President George W. Bush to make that call? We think less than a second. Our Concern with President Obama is he failed to make the courageous call on Iran, when he should have, and now the average US consumer, or investor is about to pay a gigantic price." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is now saying, "Given Obama's inability to lead, or lack of vision when it comes to US National Security, the US Congress needs to immediately force legislation to allow US oil companies to start drilling everywhere possible, out of fear if we literally lose the Middle East, our economy will still survive. If California's Congressperson Pelosi has a problem with that, too bad. Think of Los Angels without gasoline. California cannot function without gasoline, neither can the rest of our country."

On January 30th, 2011, the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog said, "Given the realities of the 'What Do We Get Next,' Islamic revolt in Egypt, the potential for it spreading to the oil-rich Arabian Peninsula, and a really inexperienced and narcissistic US President, we are saying get the hell out of this market right now, and get into something like precious metals--because we are literally on the verge of an economic biblical-type disaster." The group is now warning, "If the US allows Iran to finally get its nukes, the US can kiss goodbye to any kind of meaningful economic recovery. The US is so broke right now, it almost defies imagination. However, if Iran gets a Nuke, we are seriously worried its going to end really bad, as in a depression, or a world war. So much for President Hope and Change. If we are extremely lucky, change is all we will have left." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com


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