Labor Law Posters That Need To Be Changed This Year Are California and Florida Postings; Recommended By State and Federal Poster, Inc to Help Business Stay Up To Date

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Labor Law Posters change every few months on state and federal level. Due to the ever changing labor laws throughout the nation, companies need to protect themselves from employee lawsuits and liability issues that may arise if human resource managers do not take action and inform employees of their rights. The past month there has been changes to the California and Florida labor laws and State and Federal Poster, Inc has updated their inventory to reflect these changes.

California Labor Law Posters

State and Federal Poster, Inc. provide the best service and most compliant labor law posters in the nation.

Human resource managers should be aware of all labor posting updates as soon as it is released to the public. Before you purchase your new labor law posters for the year, be sure that they are laminated, that they are the most current and compliant with the law.

Businesses should also carry safety posters next to labor law posters if their are any safety hazards that need to be addressed that is not in the safety policy of the company manual. This will insure all employees are well aware of their rights and safety issues that might occur.

Companies that have forklifts for example must carry forklift posters to instruct their employees of the company's safety policy. If an employee is injured, this will help prevent some liability issues that might arise in the court that the company was being negligent in safety training.

The changes for this year:
California and Florida labor law posters have changed twice. California labor law posters have changed their Family Medical Leave Act and Pregnancy Leave act laws within the last 3 months. Florida change changed their minimum wage from $7.25 to $7.31 per hour. The workers compensation has also changed the “If you are injured on the job”, “Anti-Fraud Reward Program”, and “Description of Workers’ Compensation” sections of the notice.

Labor law posters and safety posters however cannot replace a company manual that all corporations should have. All companies have different ideas of safety, the posters will supplement greatly.


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