Gripping New Literary Novel Exposes 5 Fascinating Stories of an Ensemble Cast of Characters Trapped In the Nightmarish Hell of the 1992 Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles

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In An Uprising of Angels, Marc D. Baldwin draws upon his years living in the hoods of L.A. to create the dramatic and cinematic story of gangs, race relations, and heroism during the worst riots in American history.

Inspired by the years he spent in the hoods of Los Angeles, Marc D. Baldwin wrote An Uprising of Angels (ISBN 1460970780) to examine race relations, crime, and various people’s roles in the April 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Though fiction, Baldwin’s new novel draws on historical events surrounding the African-American community’s reaction to the verdict in the Rodney King trial. Though King was beaten by several police officers in 1991, and a video recorded the attack, the officers were found not guilty. Immediately upon that news, the riot erupted.

Was the acquittal an unjust verdict? Was the riot justified? How can we all just get along?

Tough questions that different people answer differently.

Which begs the main question and theme of the novel: Why and how do different people come up with different answers and reactions to the same questions and circumstances?

High school senior Anwar Branch is a role-model teenager: smart, savvy and law-abiding. But when he falls in love with Sonja Macetti, a white girl whose dad is a former undercover cop, racial tensions arise. While struggling to deal with Sonja’s interracial love interest, Mike Macetti is on a mission to protect his neighborhood from the recent invasion of the Crips gang in the drug-house down the block.

To further complicate Anwar’s life, his father, Gunther, wants to return to the home he abandoned years ago. He’s also out to destroy the Crips, who threaten his family and his own gang allegiance, the Bloods.

When student Ishmael Smith turns to the Crips for the family he never had, he finds himself under the wings of gang leader Rayhab, who seeks revenge against the father of Ishmael’s classmate.

Just as the tension erupts into violence in their own hood, the entire city of L.A. explodes in apocalyptic chaos.

“The 1992 L. A. riot was ugly and awful,” Baldwin says. “It tore apart neighborhoods, people, friendships, families and lives. I tell the story from a handful of perspectives so that different voices can be heard and untold stories told.”

Baldwin believes that although most people in L.A. tried to “get along” with one another, as King pleaded, some were fueled by bigotry and criminality, determined (or were they pre-determined?) to tear the thinly-woven threads of society apart.

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