Apple Dumplings: Sassy New Music Video to Make Breastfeeding Trendy and Fun

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A breastfeeding pop music video has been produced using slang words for breasts in the lyrics, young trendy mums dancing a burlesque style routine in the video, features celebrity guest BB 2007 winner Brian Belo.

Brian Belo and a trendy young mum featured in the video

Breasts really are beautiful we know that because we see them all around...but let's not forget that they are beautiful for two reasons and one is that they are life giving for a child

Virginia Howes an independent midwife from Ashford Kent has produced a music video and a catchy song named “Apple Dumplings,” in order to promote breastfeeding and make it a fun trendy thing to do for young mothers. The music has a very catchy upbeat tune and the funny lyrics consist of slang words for breasts. The video includes young trendy mums who dress in sassy burlesque costumes to dance a glamorous and innocently funny dance routine. Further breastfeeding mothers and babies from all over the country are featured in the video having turned to give support and take part in the filming.

Virginia who runs Kent Midwifery Practice, one of the busiest private midwifery practices in the South East is hoping that as Breast Feeding Awareness Week (19th -25th June) is coming up everyone will be watching her video on You Tube and a world wide viral will be made. Virginia said “most young women think breastfeeding is for the upper classes or hippies, they think it is normal not to breastfeed or that they will somehow lose sex appeal, I hope seeing how beautiful these normal young breastfeeding mums look will dispel the myths and make breastfeeding an exciting, fun and womanly thing to do and if the Calendar Girls can highlight a good cause by being a bit cheeky then so can we."

As we live in a celebrity dominated society, Virginia’s idea was to tap into celebrity culture and thought of none other than Big Brother winner Brian Belo. It was thought that Brian would bring comedy, youth and words for breasts, (for didn’t he have a task to name as many as he could in the diary room?) to the video. Nancy Sorrell also pledged her support and helped with promoting the video by appearing in the trailer and promotional photographs.

Virginia is hoping to make Apple Dumplings a number one hit.


Most women want to breastfeed, a fact that is evidenced by the numbers of women who initiate it compared with drop off rates and continuation past the early days and weeks following birth. It may be that for some women, social conditioning dominates biological instinct or they may encounter problems, yet support is not available and eventually they resort to using bottles and formula. There are studies that suggest more educational work needs to be done, that young and low income women are at high risk of not breastfeeding and could therefore be targeted.

There is a feeling among professionals that main stream and certainly young women regard breastfeeding as an upper classes behavior done by older, somewhat elitist or hippie like women and while there are many ways to reverse opinion, attempts to do so could benefit from attempts to making it attractive to women. What better way to appeal to young women and get their attention than to make breastfeeding attractive, trendy, fun and to tap in to the celebrity glamorous culture?

Virginia has written to Anne Milton the Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Health with her ideas, such as making more breastfeeding videos for showing on prime time TV and for a much needed national campaign to highlight this very important public health issue. Virginia said, “The Government need to think long term about serious issues. The obesity issues have links to how a baby is fed, so if we could improve and increase this absolutely amazing and free way of feeding our young then savings could be made around ill health in later life. Scotland can do it with TV ads and poster campaigns why can’t the rest of the UK? It worked for seatbelts and it is working for smoking!”

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