“Phosphate Fluorides Toxic Torts:” A new book by US Author Gary O. Pittman reveals the Hard Facts of Experiencing a Five-Year Long Toxic Tort Lawsuit

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In his new book, Gary O. Pittman tells how he learned the hard way that a toxic tort claim is one of the most difficult to prove because in most instances, it’s like a criminal case where there are a hundred suspects, but the problem is identifying the actual villain(s). Most often, successfully proving a case relies on the plaintiff’s ability to be a detective, a legal eagle, and scientific researcher.

"I came home from work early sick as a dog, vomiting, and I had an unbearable headache. Later that night, I was coughing up blood." Gary O. Pittman

“Phosphate Fluorides Toxic Torts:” US author reveals in his new book the cold, brutal facts of experiencing a five-year long toxic tort lawsuit.

In his new book, Pittman writes about how he worked at a chemical company for 21 years until one day he hit a wall, and his life changed for the forever.

Pittman wrote, “I came home from work early sick as a dog, vomiting, and I had an unbearable headache. Later that night, I was coughing up blood. At first, I thought it was a virus, but no one else in the house had any symptoms, but it was the beginning of a downward spiral as far as my health was concerned.”

Pittman says in his new book that he found himself permanently disabled and permanently out of work due to what he believed to be workplace chemical exposures and sought out legal counsel.

In his new book, Pittman describes how he discovered that filing a workman’s compensation claim wasn’t as straightforward as he thought; it was up to him to package the case for the attorney to present. Pittman’s new fulltime job was to make an airtight case.

According to Pittman in his new book that for five long years, in spite of failing health and bouts with depression, the investigation consumed his life researching chemicals that might have been the cause his mysterious illness, idiopathic myopathy, which means, “no known cause, and no known cure.”

In the new book by Pittman, he said even as he narrowed the field of chemicals that could have caused his health problems, it was always the same redundant response. The company said that the list of chemicals was too broad, and Pittman’s attorney said that he had to find the “magic bullet.”

Over and over again, his claim was turned down, according to passages from Pittman’s new book.

Consequently, Pittman wrote in his new book that proving the case for chemical poisoning seemed next to impossible and rested solely on his shoulders.

Pittman said, “I spent hundreds of hours sorting through boxes of information I got from my lawyer, and even hundreds of hours more doing research on the Internet. My whole purpose in life became about proving that it was the chemicals that caused my health problems.”

Finally, in 1999, after Pittman discovered the one substance that was most likely responsible for the range of health problems which mirrored his as described in his new book. In 2000, the five-year ordeal came to a conclusion, and Pittman reached a satisfactory, out of court settlement with the company according to his new book.

Gary O. Pittman’s new book, “Phosphate Fluorides Toxic Torts” is much more than a revealing narrative about a legal claim; it is a story of one man’s perseverance and resolution in spite of the seemingly insurmountable odds he faced.

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