Orawell USA Helps Patients Discover the Presence of HIV Antibodies As Early As Three Months after Transmission

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Following, is information from Orawell USA regarding some of the latest statistics concerning new scientific findings about how long after exposure it takes for the HIV virus to become visible in the human body.

ORAWELL means accuracy to the fullest.

For many people, learning that they contracted the HIV virus can be one of the scariest moments of their lives. The HIV virus, which leads to the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS, drastically weakens the immune system, making the body incapable of fighting even minor infections. In fact, most AIDS patients die because of a simple infection, not the disease itself.

Currently there is no cure for the disease, which is probably why many fear the idea of coming in contact with the virus in any manner. Because of this, there is a worldwide stigma toward those carrying the illness, including rejection, discrimination, and avoidance of those with HIV/AIDS. Of the 1 million people in the United States living with AIDS, there are approximately 20 percent of patients that are unaware they have the disease. Doctors suggest that people be tested for AIDS annually if they have participated in any activity where exchange of bodily fluids has occurred, such as blood and semen. However, only about 10-20 percent of people in the US are tested each year.

Even though AIDS is considered a pandemic disease throughout the world, it may interest people to know that many HIV/AIDS patients are prolonging their lives thanks to treatment. Advancements in medical research allow those with HIV to live longer before the virus actually converts to full-blown AIDS.

Once a person is concerned her or she may have the virus, it is possible to test for HIV1/2 as early as three months after contact. This window period is usually the time it takes for detectable antibodies to develop. Today, because of scientific breakthroughs, one could test for HIV antibodies in the privacy of his or her home and have results within 10 minutes.

Orawell is an Oral HIV rapid test that tests for HIV1/2, and is recommended by doctors, and is proven to be more than 99% accurate. It is a chromatographic immunoassay able to detect HIV antibodies. The kit comes with tools that allow patients to collect a sample of saliva and place it on a test panel for analysis. After 10 minutes, the panel should display the results as positive or negative.    

The benefit of this product is not only is it confidential, but results are available in 10 minutes. Orawell HIV1/2 rapid test is as simple as taking a home pregnancy test. It is affordable at $29.99 and is available on Amazon and http://www.orawellusa.com.


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