Narconon Fresh Start Drug Rehabs Boast a 70% Success Rate while Traditional Rehabs Report Fewer Than 10%

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It's a familiar refrain heard at traditional treatment facilities: "Relapse is part of recovery." At Narconon Fresh Start, they don't believe that's true. They claim to help their clients live sober, alcohol and drug-free lives every day, and they have the success rate to prove it.

Traditional treatment centers have a failure rate of 90-98 percent. That means nine out of ten (or more) of those undergoing traditional, disease-based treatment will revert to abusing drugs or alcohol after treatment. Compare that with Narconon Fresh Start’s Proven 76 percent rate of recovery.

How is Narconon Fresh Start able to achieve these kinds of results for their clients when traditional treatment options fail? They say because at Narconon Fresh Start, they understand that addiction isn't a disease, it's a symptom.

Narconon Fresh Start drug councilor Josh P says, “No one ever starts out wanting to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.” “But what begins as occasional, recreational use can quickly turn into a life-shattering dependence.” “The cravings for drugs and alcohol overwhelm the addict, who begins to create "reasons" to use drugs or alcohol again.”

At Narconon Fresh Start, they say what causes cravings is actually residual amounts of the substance that stays trapped in the fatty tissues of the body. These stored residuals are called "metabolites."

When the body begins to burn fat, the metabolites are released again into the bloodstream, resulting in cravings-even years into sobriety. The Narconon Fresh Start program eliminates these metabolites through a multi-process, drug-free detoxification that allows their clients to finally become free of the cravings that cause them to abuse drugs and alcohol.

In addition, the Narconon Fresh Start program also teaches their clients the important life skills they need to improve their lives and their relationships when they leave the facility. Their clients learn how to handle stress, retain information, communicate more effectively and live with more integrity. As a result, they're happier, healthier and more able to function than ever before going along way to achieving their over 70% success rate.


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