MyReviewsNow Announces the New SousVide Supreme Promo Package

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MyReviewsNow is excited to announce a new affiliation with the SousVide Supreme Water Oven. Although the sous-vide cooking technique has been limited to professional chefs in the past, MyReviewsNow and SousVide are bringing the technique into the home with the Supreme model of ovens. SousVide markets a number of innovative kitchen appliances for personal and professional use.

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The SousVide Supreme is designed to replace traditional ovens by enhancing food's natural flavors, delivering precise results and maintaining a consistent temperature. Vacuum-sealed pouches allow food to cook in its own flavors and juices. Although traditional cooking methods cause foods to lose essential vitamins and antioxidants to steam, the Supreme's vacuum-sealed pouches protect important food elements.

The cooking process is entirely automated, and users don't need to check, baste or stir the food. Water circulates throughout the Supreme to cook each pouch evenly. Users will never need to adjust or reset an oven because technicians calibrate every Supreme before it leaves the factory. No elaborate maintenance or post-meal cleanup is needed, but some light cleaning may be necessary.

Users insert their food into a vacuum-sealed pouch, and the pouch is placed on one of the Supreme's internal racks. The pouch is cooked within a hot water bath instead of the hot air used by a traditional oven. The internal rack system ensures that each pouch remains submerged throughout the cooking process, but it also separates pouches from each other for easy removal. A simple control panel allows users to set the temperature and immersion time.

The Supreme model can cook up to 20 four-ounce portions at the same time, and a single food pouch can be used for larger items. For example, a leg of lamb or a roast is often cooked in a single food pouch. The four-ounce portions allow people to control exactly how much food is served at each meal. A four-ounce portion may seem small, but 20 four-ounce pouches will feed most families.

Each of the vacuum-sealed pouches can contain a different item of food to save time. Main dishes and side items can be cooked and ready to serve at the same time. Foods that can be cooked with the sous-vide technique include desserts, meats, and vegetables.

Although most people use the Supreme for food preparation, the oven can reheat leftovers or thaw frozen food. Food preparation times generally range from 20 minutes up to 72 hours. However, exact cooking times depend on the thickness of the food rather than the total weight.

The Supreme Water Oven is designed for families and large gatherings, but SousVide also offers the compact Demi model for individuals and small families. All Supremes include a detachable power cord, insulating blanket for the lid, and stainless steel interior rack.

SousVide provides a complete instructional DVD and recipe book for novice water oven users. If a person has never cooked a meal using sous-vide, the DVD will show them the exact steps to make high-quality food. A cooking chart shows the temperatures that common food items should be cooked at and how long they should stay in the Supreme.

Replacement vacuum-sealed pouches, the Supreme Vacuum Sealer, and assorted accessories are sold on SousVide's website. The company suggests users only use SousVide products with the Supreme for the best results.

SousVide offers free shipping for all orders over $50 to addresses in the United States and Canada. The company also delivers to Europe and Australia, but kitchen appliances cannot be delivered to any other countries at this time. The ovens can be sent to a workplace if a home does not have a secure place for package delivery.

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