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Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, one of the founders of the Internet and developer of the recently launched SaveWithSavvy.com, decides that shoppers need to be informed about prices before they head out to the grocery store.

If you think Groupon shaped the future of coupons, wait until you see what SaveWithSavvy.com has to offer.

Today’s consumers search the Internet for the best deals on everything from electronics to toys to cars. However there is one category where they remain woefully under informed and it includes items used on a daily basis. With over 10 billion grocery shopping trips involving $600 billion dollars and 200 billion items, food buyers still leave the house with a scribbled list and very little idea of the exact prices in their local markets. Households need an edge to manage the third largest portion of their budget and the new site SaveWithSavvy.com provides the tools.

Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, saw an opportunity to help shoppers prepare for battle with the rising cost of food. Why not have the prices for items at several markets online? Why not give the shopper a chance to evaluate prices before spending money on gas as well as groceries? Why not save the list so one can quickly access it for the next shopping trip? Dr. Kleinrock notes, “It’s been 2 years in concept and development; applying the best minds in the ecommerce community. If you think Groupon shaped the future of coupons, wait until you see what SaveWithSavvy.com has to offer”. The result of his team’s efforts is SaveWithSavvy.com; a solution to getting the best grocery buys for the family budget.

The development time was devoted to surveying shoppers, market testing, and translating the data into a user friendly site that compares the grocery prices at local stores. The research produced a site that requires only a zip code to round up a list of local markets. By checking off the markets where a shopper would like to see prices, they can start to assemble their list. Convenient categories replicate the aisles of a market with choices from each store selected. See which stores trend cheaper for shelf stable items, dairy, or produce. Finally a shopper finds out how markets compare according to their priorities for each item ‐ price more important than brand, organic an option, or it’s simply a child’s favorite brand of peanut butter.

For the first time, the consumer has the information from multiple stores at their finger tips. While the shopper selects items, a list forms on the right side of the page. The shopper can keep the original list or have SaveWithSavvy.com optimize their choices and show the savings outcome from going to one, two, or more stores. The information might take shoppers to a new store or split the list between the two top store choices. Knowing the prices ahead of shopping means the consumer can adjust the choices to pick the best deals at any store without wasting gas. Small savings on several items add up to big savings at check out.

The choices will be saved and easily accessible for the next week or occasion. Now shoppers will have the quantity of chicken from last year’s 4th of July Barbeque and the brand of barbeque sauce that everyone loved. Remember all these details without getting in the car, going to the market, and searching the aisles for each product and that jar label one barely remembers.

SaveWithSavvy.com also features the weekly specials for the major grocery chains in the chosen zip code. Many shoppers plan around these choices for stocking up their pantry and freezer. Eliminate rummaging through flyers or having to search different sites. These specials items will be added to the regular list and arranged by store along with the choices from the other categories. They are also adding online coupons to the site for even greater savings.

With a potential savings of hundreds of dollars for every home, SaveWithSavvy.com brings local grocery price comparison to the Internet. Short of home delivery, SaveWithSavvy.com does it all.

And that scribbled list? It’s either neatly printed or sent to your smart phone.

About Platformation, Inc.

Platformation’s SaveWithSavvy.com products are well on their way to growing into a platform that delivers far more savings value to the grocery shopper than the $5 billion per year currently derived from redeemed coupons. Our technology platform addresses all aspects of bundled purchasing information, including scraping, analyzing, inferring and presenting complex data as found in product, promotional and service information. Aspects of our innovation have been granted seven U.S. patents, with another half a dozen in application.

It has been 10 to 15 years since the last major players, the Yahoos, eBays, Amazons, and Googles of the world came online. With the abundance of information available today, a new cycle of breakthrough is on the horizon to further benefit billions of consumers.

Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, Founder, Chairman and interim CEO, a Father of the Internet, a recipient of the 2007 National Medal of Science presented by the U.S. President and a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at UCLA, is a renowned force in both academia and industry. He was the first President and Co-founder of Linkabit Corporation, the co-founder of Nomadix, Inc., and Founder and Chairman of TTI/Vanguard, an advanced technology forum organization.

Dr. Yu Uny Cao, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, combines search industry experience and academic research while working on the cutting edge of new search technology, evidenced by several acquired U.S. patents in search. After receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA, he worked for a reputable search engine company.

Louise Falevsky, VP Business Development is an experienced technical and business professional. Holding 2 patents in anti-spam filtering algorithms, she was formerly CTO of InspectorLOGIC in the UK.

Visit our site http://www.savewithsavvy.com and uncover the best deals in your local markets.


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