The Ultimate Travel Company’s Top Ten Twitter Free Holiday Escapes

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The urge to flee the crush and stresses of modern life can become overwhelming. Strap-hanging on the tube, squeezing onto the bus, struggling to park the car near the house, like millions of other commuters , we dream of a holiday escape devoid of city life; an escape from the urban jungle.

Namibia - Granite Arch, Spitzkoppe

An Ultimate Escape - Namibia

A desire to flee Facebook, Blackberries, iPhones, games, texting; we yearn for the ultimate adventure, or a carefree, luxury travel experience, tailor-made to take us away from the hum-drum.

Following a recent study into the effects of stress on city dwellers, luxury travel experts, The Ultimate Travel Company, have come up with a prescription for those desperate to escape today’s technology driven lifestyle. Disconnect your internet lifeline and reconnect with nature in a twitter free zone.

In an article for the Land Trust Alliance, authors Howard Frumkin and Richard Louv, conclude that, "land conservation can now be viewed as a public health strategy.” In other words, a strong body of psychological research confirms the hypothesis that direct contact with nature leads to increased mental health and psychological development.

Nature also improves cognitive function. Reporting on recent research, John Lehrer explains what scientists call Attention Restoration Theory: that nature, unlike a city, is filled with inherently interesting stimuli (like a sunset, or an unusual bird) that trigger our involuntary attention, but in a modest fashion. Because you can't help but stop and notice the reddish orange twilight sky - paying attention to the sunset doesn't take any extra work or cognitive control - our attentional circuits are able to refresh themselves. A walk in the woods is like a vacation for the prefrontal cortex. Strolling in a city, however, forces the brain to constantly remain vigilant, as we avoid obstacles (moving cars), ignore irrelevant stimuli (that puppy in the window) and try not to get lost. The end result is that city walks are less restorative (at least for the prefrontal cortex) than strolls amid the serenity of nature.

Humans instinctive wish to reconnect with nature is starting to show with an increased desire to reject Facebook, Blackberries, iPhones, games, texting; in favour of the ultimate adventure, or a carefree,luxury travel experience, tailor-made to take us away from the hum-drum. Escaping to the misty beaches, bleached whalebones and rusting shipwrecks of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast; the raw beauty of the Australian Outback; the turquoise blue pools, and abundance of stars at the heart of the Grand Canyon; the big game plains of Kenya, or to sail by humpback whales, Adélie penguins and the vast icebergs that are the backdrop on an Antarctic cruise.

The first stop on The Ultimate Travel Company escape route is the continent of Africa. Africa gets under the skin; one visit leaves people addicted. From the wide skies over a bush safari to the fascination of a culture as old as humanity, Africa really is an escape like no other. Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, stretching from the south up into Angola, is a landscape of haunting beauty, a vast area of rolling sand dunes, uninhabited desert plains, fossil beds, desert-adapted animals and unique vegetation. A four day luxury safari by air is the perfect way to view this magical coastline. Flying in a small plane at low altitude adds an extra dimension, giving an extraordinary perspective of the landscape and wildlife, whilst each night is spent at a comfortable camp. For those who prefer to stay grounded, 4X4 game drives and bush walks are perfect for the up-close and personal experience of the Africa of our dreams.

Travelling in the Australian outback is a true insight into life in the wild, says The Ultimate Travel Company. Why not begin on the outstandingly beautiful Kangaroo Island in the Southern Ocean, before staying at two historic homesteads, one in the Clare Valley on the edge of the outback and the other in the spectacular landscape of the Flinders Ranges. After this, fly north to an exclusive bush camp set in the wilderness of the Bamurru Plains, with its profusion of birds and wildlife, before finally exploring the resurrected northern city of Darwin.

The Grand Canyon
Arguably one of nature’s most spectacular wonders, some say you haven't lived until you've taken a journey through Grand Canyon - a gorge a mile deep, six miles wide and 287 miles long. Guaranteed to be twitter-free, venturing through the heart of the canyon will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a genuine appreciation of one the most sensational places on earth.

The Antarctic
Others might argue that life is not complete without a voyage through another twitter-free zone, the great glaciers and ice caps of the Antarctic Peninsula. This harsh but beautiful land is sanctuary to some of the world's most enchanting creatures. Four-ton, trunk-nosed southern elephant seals fight for breeding rights on the beaches of Livingston, while blue-eyed shags, giant petrels and snowy sheathbills are just some of the birds which thrive in this desert of ice and snow.

Remote Islands
Yes, the opportunity to turn back the technological clock is becomingly increasingly rare, but if you know where to look you can still find the ultimate escape. Add the islands of Papua New Guinea, Galapagos and Cuba to a journey through unexplored Burma, to a mix of the natural wonders of Australia, the Antarctic, Africa’s wild places and the show-stopping Grand Canyon, and you will see how easy it is to connect with nature, relax and rejuvenate body and soul.
To find out more about twitter-free holidays, contact The Ultimate Travel Company by visiting or calling 020 7386 4646 to speak to an ultimate escape expert.


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