7 Reasons to Celebrate World Juggling Day

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This Saturday, June 18th, is World Juggling Day. For those not planning on celebrating, fitness company JuggleFit LLC suggests reconsidering, as juggling has been shown to increase gray matter in the brain, burn calories, and even reduce anxiety.

Juggling gets them laughing within minutes.
- Heather Wolf, Juggling Instructor

This Saturday, June 18th is World Juggling Day, created in the mid-1980s by the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) "to help spread the fun of juggling and to bring jugglers together all over the world." While many think of juggling as something reserved for clowns, skilled entertainers, or people that are very coordinated, JuggleFit LLC offers seven ways that learning to juggle has serious benefits for people even if they don’t fit into these categories.

1.    Juggling improves brain fitness. In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Hamburg, learning to juggle was found to change the brain in one week. With the rising popularity of brain games and software, juggling is a more active option for brain fitness.
2.    Burn Calories. Juggling burns 280 calories an hour, even when first learning. Since juggling can be done indoors with minimal equipment, it's a viable exercise alternative for rainy or or extreme weather days.
3.    Laughter. Juggling instructor Heather Wolf says the best part of her job is hearing an entire class laugh the moment they toss up those first juggling balls. “When my students arrive, some may be stressed or having a bad day, but juggling gets them laughing within minutes. Hearing that never gets old and makes my job rewarding.”
4.    Coordination. An often-neglected element of fitness, coordination becomes increasingly important as people age. While many shy away from learning to juggle due to lack of coordination, it’s is a way to improve it, along with agility and reaction time. Prevention of trips and falls becomes a concern with age, so it’s best to develop coordination early on.
5.    Fight cravings. JuggleFit LLC reports that some of its students have quit smoking after taking up juggling. But that’s just one of the unhealthy habits that can be replaced with juggling, which many claim has an addictive nature. Whether it’s chocolate, cigarettes, or too much TV, juggling offers a diversion that may aid in the fight against cravings.
6.    Relationship Bonding. A recent study by the State University of New York showed couples that engaged in a new and exciting activity for 2 hours a week experienced greater marital satisfaction. Juggling is exciting to many since it is perceived as a specialized skill. Whether learning as a couple, a family, or friends, juggling provides excitement, memories and laughter, and a shared hobby for life.
7.    Stress Relief. Learning to juggle requires focus on the task at hand and makes it difficult to think of anything else. For this reason, it can help to clear the mind and relieve stress. Research published in the journal BioPsychoSocial Medicine has even suggested that juggling therapy may be effective in the treatment of anxiety.

A celebration of World Juggling Day can begin by viewing the wealth of free instructional videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the web. For fitness buffs, JuggleFit offers a free lesson from an ACE-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

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