New Fiction Release Explores One Woman’s Dreams; Book by E.L. Albán

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Math teacher Maria Diaz has nightly dreams that take her to a magical world populated by the different aspects of her personality. Her conscience, her libido, and the muses who inspire her dreams come alive and help her to grapple with the problems that nag her waking life such as her career difficulties, the lack of romantic entanglement and her complex feelings about religion.

By day, Maria Diaz is a 26-year-old math teacher in a Miami high school, but at night, her dreams take her to a magical world populated by the many different components of her personality. Her conscience, her libido, and the muses who inspire her dreams come alive and help her to grapple with the problems that nag her waking life, such as her career difficulties, her lack of romantic entanglement, her complex feelings about religion, and the many pros and cons of being caught between two cultures. As Maria sleeps, her brain hammers out the answers to all of her various issues; sadly, upon waking, Maria remembers very little of it.

Patiently and persistently, Maria works with the tidbits of dreams she does remember and over a long span of time she pieces together enough to get the big picture of her mind at night. She gets to know the voices of her sleeping mind: the oracular and enigmatic Professor Quixote; Libby, her libido; Ram, the memory keeper; Imogene, the creative part of Maria’s brain; Guilda, the bastion of guilt; and many more. Through these vital parts of her inner self Maria comes to know better who she really is and what she stands for. In the end, she is able to answer a question that had long obsessed her and which is central to the novel: Is human sleep the big waste of time it appears to be? As Maria discovers, this couldn’t possibly be the case. The sleeping mind works wonders, subtly forging its way into her real world to bring about previously unimaginable changes to her life. The dialogues of the sleeping mind are themselves enlightening and enlightened conversations of her inner voices which serve as proof of the intellectual richness of sleep. These dialogues also serve as underpinnings for the real life choices she makes while awake, revealing the unseen silent workings of the subconscious in her decisions.

Dialogues of the Sleeping Mind, published by Dog Ear Publishing, is a fascinating peek into the inner workings of one woman’s mind. Maria is a likeable and believable character, and the many facets of her personality that the reader is permitted to see are engaging and interesting. Writer E.L. Albán shares much with his main character, Maria. He, too, was born in Ecuador and came to the United States as a child. He worked to help his family settle in this country and eventually achieved the American dream of a college education, becoming a professor of Economics. Since his retirement, Albán has travelled and “pursued his love for languages and literature”; he and his wife of 46 years divide their time between Georgia and Kansas. This is his first novel.

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ISBN: 978-145750-221-7
386 pages
$18.50 US

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