Ernie Land & Lowell Mims Announce ProvisionRx Saves Americans Millions On Prescription Drugs

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- 3.6 billion prescriptions were written in America last year, averaging 12 per person. - No prescription assistance program was included in the Health Care Reform - America continues to give billions of dollars to help other nations - Tens of millions of American adults and children cannot afford vital medications

ProvisionRx announced it has saved American consumers over $3,000,000 on prescription drugs in the past 15 months alone.

Lowell Mims and Ernie Land, owners of ProvisionRx, announced today that the company has reached another massive milestone by having saved American consumers over $3,000,000 on prescription drugs in the past 15 months alone. This amounts to over $100,000 a week with thousands of prescriptions being filled using the ProvisionRx Pharmacy Discount Card.

“We are extremely serious about helping American consumers save money. As of today there have been over 12 million cards ordered and we now have the potential to place a card into the hand of every American consumer,” states Mr. Mims. Currently about 500,000 cards are being ordered every week to be handed out across America.

The need remains. Affordable health care remains a personal crisis and financial pressure cooker for Americans. The first indicator: the initial increase cost of health care and prescription drugs skyrocket. It became a startling revelation to realize the majority of Americans are now forced to self-ration their prescription medication. The second indicator: tens of millions of Americans in various income levels watched helplessly as their bank accounts, life savings and retirement accounts dwindled and have nearly vanished. The third indicator continues as our economy weakens, home values plummet and in various states, health insurance increases have once again soared to unprecedented levels. Add to the equation that over the past 20 months, 300,000 to 500,000 Americans are losing their jobs and business owners continue to close their doors. Many are unable to find employment and this has contributed to the tens of millions losing all equity in their home. Vital prescriptions are no longer affordable.

Doctor James King, chairman of the American Academy of Family, quoted in the New York Times, said “People are having to choose between gas, meals and medication!” Not only does the cost of living continue to rise so too are the costs for many to stay alive.

As of now, the US government spends billions of tax payer dollars to subsidize medical aid for foreign countries while tens of millions of American remain unemployed and going without necessary medication due to its costs. ProvisionRx believes this is a prescription for failure.

It is time America needs a “prescription for success!” ProvisionRx enlisted its own independent business owners to hand out free prescription discount cards. The prescription card works regardless if one has insurance or not, even the majority of Americans that have insurance coverage are finding out that not every prescription is covered. If a specific drug isn’t covered under a person’s health plan, they can now use the ProvisionRx card to save on those prescriptions.

ProvisionRx is on target to build a Fortune 500 Company and is positioned for massive growth. Mr. Land states, “The ProvisionRx unique business model is designed to help all Americans and is attracting people from every walk of life. It may be the first home based business everybody can do. With every milestone that we achieve, the reality to positively and dramatically affect every American is becoming a realization.”


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