New York Poet Roberta Gould EBook of Poems What History Trammels NY 2011

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Contemporary New York Poet Roberta Gould releases 5 EBooks. New Book What History Trammels NY 2011 on the shelves this Fall

Kingston, NY (June 16, 2011) For immidiate release: What History Trammels New York 2011, A collection of poems by Roberta Gould can be read in all E Readers, don't have to wait for the traditional printed version due this October. In the digital version or the printed book you will discover how Gould's poetry evokes memories of places that feel familiar even though they are really unknown. Much loved poet X.J. Kennedy, celebrates her work as vital poems that strike chords, lively fresh and unpredictable. American writer Kate Millet, lauds Roberta Gould’s poetry as “keen, witty poems of observation, wisdom, and savvy. I enjoy the whimsy, the amazing range and most of all the brevity and completeness where Gould sifts our whole civilization in a mere stanza and gets it right”

Roberta Gould’s poetry ranges from powerful political commentary to descriptions of her encounters with the world of animals, ferns, stones, and friendships. Writing Air, Written Water (1980), Only Rock (1985), Louder Than Seeds (2008), are a few of her poetry books.

Here, in an short interview Gould shares her poetic influences, her process, and her thoughts

MC: Would you tell us how important it was for you to meet with the Spanish poets in exile in Mexico?
RG: Among the group of poets in Guanajuato, Horacio Lopez and the great Pedro Garfias are the ones I most remember. Pedro Garfias’ words still resonate in me, “You will tell the truth!”, he said as we circled the plaza in Jardín de la Unión. He, the great Spanish poet, and I, an American teenager. Garfias’ words, the sounds and structure of the romance languages I have studied and the silence of the Catskill Mountain woods, influence my life and my poetry.

MC: Who are some of your favorite poets?
RG: My two favorite 20th century poets are Czeslaw Milosz and Antonio Machado, poets of profundity, who write with a simplicity accessible to all. There is a sense of history in their writings and an awareness of what is beyond time. I appreciate Machado’s steady, meditative voice. I also love the work of two earlier poets, Gerard Manley Hopkins with his sprung rhythm and images poured out with unmatched exuberance, and Emily Dickinson a poet of few words.

MC: Poets share their work with each other in Poetry Readings; do you take part of these poetry readings?
RG: I like to share my new work in readings. It is exciting to prepare for a reading and be surprised by discovering in the process of editing an alternate word or a line. Most of all I feel that by interacting with the audience and by listening to other poets read I am avoiding the writer’s danger of getting lost in oneself. I recommend this practice to all poets.

MC: In one of your poems in your book, Pacing The Wind, you write:
I’m so happy
I was a mountain once
and now I’m floating.
Compacted I was rock.
And now I’m sand.........
MC: It seems you are expressing feelings of transformations and impermanence…

RG: I wrote this poem spontaneously when I was studying geology, which deals with transformations of matter and time. I saw the passing of time in the rocks.

MC: Most poets agree that waking up in the morning and engaging the day without a plan is a gift. Some believe experiencing this freedom challenges them, others search in that freedom, inspiration. How does Roberta Gould begin her day?
RG: For me, is challenging and difficult to start the day without a map or a plan. It can be disconcerting. The trails I walk with my dog Lily awake in me the need to embrace my thoughts and feelings. As the day progresses, something is revealed and I take the opportunity to write. Or, in the process of writing, what is to be is revealed. This is exhilarating, and poems may, happily, result.    

MC: You use few words, in the poem Gone, to describe your encounter with the creek, your desire to change the scene and how you had the need to speak the truth.

I could distill the creek
Stir words so the absence of iris on the bank
seemed better than their being here last week...
...but I’ll be still no counterfeit
I will strain the silence where they stood

RG: Yes. It is important for me to write without embellishing reality, whether the subject is war and injustice, relationships or the environment.

Roberta Gould's Ebooks are available in several online retail stores. Gould's new book of poetry: What History Trammels NY 2011... will be available in her own website and bookstores this Fall. Gould's Poetry EBooks and Printed Books not to be missed.

Interview and press release by Mercedes Cecilia
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