USA FACT, PeopleSync & Self Opportunity Partner to Provide Best in Class Solution for Turnkey Recruiting, Assessment, and Screening of Employees for Enterprise Clients

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In a strategically timed announcement, USA FACT announces their joint partnership with Self Opportunity and PeopleSync to combine each company’s strengths and offer a consolidated turnkey solution ‘from sourcing to start date’ of new hires for enterprise HR requirements. This announcement is closely linked to final beta testing of USA FACT's entirely new standard-issue interface that allows customers end-to-end hiring solutions, multi-vendor service integrations, Universal ATS / HRIS plug-in readiness, and an overall best-in-breed solution that cleanly leaves the integration debate, and perhaps even the competition altogether, behind.

We had a choice of trying to help lead a lot of valued customers to water, or simply raise the water level for everyone.

There's a trend in the hiring world, in case you haven't noticed. Technology is becoming a driving force in how HR departments select their vendors. Vendors with superior solutions don't even get a second look if their processes are slipping behind technology's performance curve. They can either deliver their results through faster and better technologies, or are losing ground fast. While this is nothing terribly insightful or unexpected in the business world, the HR industry balances this weight in a rather unique environment: Vendors are at the mercy of un-standardized software, web-based, or home-grown applications that HR departments are now dependent upon.

For instance, over 40,000 discrete background checking vendors deliver data in a variety of forms to regional customers. Not long ago, many of these vendors, along with some of the 50,000+ job boards and an ant-pile of small staffing firms formed a voluntary initiative to try to solve technology interface problems through voluntary standardization of their data formats into what is known as HR-XML. But there is a problem: No Purchasing companies (employers) belong to the HR-XML consortium, which leads to one circulating idea that an initiative that is not led by employers can not succeed. Software and cloud-based solutions continue to build in a direction that puts employers and their vendors further apart without ongoing expense. HR Departments, even with the longest and most loyal of vendor relationships, are breaking their ties and opting for bundled solutions built into their ATS and HRIS applications. Afterall, what sane technologist or efficient HR workflow can afford to juggle the costs and redundancy of vendors and solutions that are out of sync with their new technology investments? Cheaper is better right?

The union of USA FACT, PeopleSync, and Self Opportunity will not only horizontally integrate more of a complete hiring solution into one provider linkage, but soon also do much, much more. Beta testing across select customers has begun, and within the year all of USA FACT's standard customer portals will offer a customer-centric solution that solves the bigger technology problem through a universal interface that resolves the vendor management problems of the large scale software providers. Soon thereafter, the client base for all three companies will have an opportunity to link all customers to a potentially limitless synchronization of vendors and services into any HR software or application. The groups combined goal isn’t to standardize anything. Rather, they want to eliminate repetitive integrations for their customers, limit total employment liability and risk, and ensure employers get the best services deliverable . . . all from within the employer's own HR application interface. "Better" is better, and cheaper is just one benefit that defines why the companies have made this investment in their clients' successes. Employers in the new solution may never need to integrate ever again.

When asked to comment on why USA FACT re-tooled its entire focus to put their clients back in control of who they choose, CEO Matt Davidson replied, "We had a choice of trying to help lead a lot of valued customers to water, or simply raise the water level for everyone. Customers don't have to take advantage of every feature in their new standard interfaces, but the options are now built in and the ability to tie any service they need whether or not we provide it, into any HR interface is now part of what we hope proves we are still ahead of the competition's commitment to service."

For further details on the partnership, interested parties are invited to attend the webinar overviewing the joint solution.

About PeopleSync
PeopleSync, based in Dallas, Texas provides the unique workforce optimization system called Shadowmatch that allows companies to rapidly optimize their current workforce and enable precision recruitment. The system compares the habits of candidates to the benchmark, and uses this information to predict the success of the candidate prior to placement. This allows companies to find the right candidate for a position every time. The system has many uses beyond recruitment, including leadership identification, succession planning, team building, personal development, conflict resolution, career development and much more. Companies consistently find the Shadowmatch system offers deep and comprehensive capabilities to better hire, manage and develop their workforce.

For more information:

Contact: info(at)peoplesync(dot)com
Phone: 972-588-3365

About Self Opportunity
What began in October 2001 as a "Restaurant Management Career Fair" company, has evolved into a full service independent Recruitment Solutions Company. We listened and learned from our clients regarding their needs for recruitment advertising, talent acquisition and staffing. We chose to develop a whole new set of products and services, and employed the necessary industry experts to assist our clients in the best way possible to enhance their recruiting strategy for their organizational success. We are passionate about making our clients' jobs easier, and positively affecting the bottom line of their recruiting budget. We have our finger on the pulse of recruiting and will constantly give our clients the advice, feedback, and professionalism they have come to expect from the team at Self Opportunity.

For more information:

Phone: 800-594-7036

About USA Fact
USA FACT is an internet based eRecruiting technology consulting and employment screening provider offering drug testing, employment screening, tenant screening, driver management services, and technology implementation and integration services across HR applications. Our job is to protect employers from applicants that can harm their bottom line. With customers in industries such as healthcare, government, education, security, financial, insurance, food services/distribution, and transportation, USA FACT is experienced with standardized screening methods for both small and large companies. Our best-in-breed solutions are designed to maximize client workflow via solutions like Fleet Alert Driver Management, Universal and Multi-Purpose eRecruiting Integration Solutions, and New Dynamic Report Formatting

For more information:

Contact: sales(at)usafact(dot)com
Phone: 800-547-0263

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