EcoWatt Energy Launches Guaranteed Energy-Saving Device

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EcoWatt Energy introduces their energy-saving device, the XRP-Lite for residential use that guarantees savings on your monthly electric bill. A nationwide deployment is slated for mid-July 2011.

We’re thrilled to be launching our energy-saving device that has proven it can save residential and small commercial customers money on their monthly electric bills.

EcoWatt Energy today introduced their energy-saving device, the XRP-Lite—a device that guarantees savings on consumers’ monthly electric bills. The XRP-Lite is designed for residential and small businesses alike.

“We’re thrilled to be launching our energy-saving device that has proven it can save residential and small commercial customers money on their monthly electric bills. Not only that, but this device helps to reduce energy that the utility companies have to push out, thus helping the environment due to the reduction of carbon dioxide gasses,” says Mickey Gross, CEO, EcoWatt Energy. “This product has been built from the ground up at EcoWatt Energy’s facility in Rancho Cucamonga.”

EcoWatt Energy has a calculator right on their website that allows you to enter the amount of your last electric bill, or any bill for that matter, and see what your potential monthly savings are, gauge your annual savings, a five year outlook of savings, as well as how long it will take to get your return on investment back. This tool is one of the smartest aspects of their website with all of us more cognizant of our outgoing expenses.

The Smart Meter’s Role
In July of 2006, California’s energy regulators approved a program to roll out about nine million conventional meters retrofit with communications co-processor electronics to gas and electric customers in the Northern California territory of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG & E). Since then, more states have followed suit with their own deployments of smart meters and the majority of these have been met with harsh criticism due to consumers’ electric bills rising even though their usage has remained the same.

The smart meters are designed to allow the utility companies to track voltage levels and now power events can be tracked and logged across the entire customer base. These new digital meters also allow customers to see their own energy usage which may assist them in reducing consumption.

The big issues with the smart meters lies within the breadth of the utility’s expectations of the everyday consumer—they expect the consumers to track when energy costs are at a minimum and then use their electricity. Most people are not going to wake up at 2am to wash the dishes, do laundry, or cook—and when is a good time to not run your air conditioning in the Summer or heat in the Winter? With the analog meters of the past, there was no way for the utility to see how much stored energy you had in your home or business’ system—now they can and they are charging for it!

This is where EcoWatt Energy’s XRP-Lite delivers results—guaranteed! The XRP-Lite device guarantees a savings on your monthly electric bill—the XRP-Lite, built for residential and small commercial use, carries a guarantee of 15% savings on your monthly electric usage.

Unlike the smart meter, where the utility company relies on you to track your usage and lower rate times, EcoWatt Energy’s XRP-Lite starts saving you money from the moment it is installed—there is no downtime, no power to shut off, and no change in your electricity usage habits—this is truly business as usual. There is no maintenance needed to the device and it can be installed in about an hour’s time.

With energy costs on the rise and the utility companies being mandated to lower emissions and reduce consumption, EcoWatt Energy’s XRP-Lite will certainly assist in both endeavors.

This Isn’t Your Father’s KVAR
Usually when anyone hears about energy-saving devices, KVAR pops into their head—you know the old ‘one size fits all’ solution of the past? Let’s be clear, EcoWatt Energy’s XRP-Lite is not KVAR and is not mass produced—it is produced to the exact specifications of a field survey that is completed by a professional electrician to ensure that the device is working to its optimum potential. EcoWatt Energy’s mentality behind this is that not all homes or businesses are identical—any they’re right.
The biggest separator between the XRP-Lite and KVAR is that the XRP device has a monitoring device that allows the consumer to program up to 11 appliances such as your AC unit, refrigerator, freezer, etc. to monitor their usage, forecast their upcoming bills, and to alert them of any possible issues with their electrical system—KVAR certainly cannot do this and, frankly, no other energy-saving devices can either.

Benefits of the XRP-Lite
With today’s ‘green movements’ popping up all over the globe, EcoWatt Energy has really taken this to task as their device was designed to immediately reduce energy consumption upon installation, help to reclaim and recycle your previously lost electrical energy, as well as increase the lifespan of electric motors through stress and heat reduction. You may not totally understand the science behind such energy-saving devices, but a couple of other benefits they offer are balancing the electrical panel, optimizing the power to all inductive loads, and actually stops the loss of kilowatts from surges and spikes in your system.

All of these benefits culminate into lower electric bills for consumers, reduced energy consumption which now means the utility companies do not have to push out as much energy as they once did—this is particularly beneficial for the utilities as the current power grids are aged and the less they have to produce for us, the longer they can last. One of the major benefits for consumers is that the inductive-load appliances and systems (refrigerators, freezers, and A/C units) will last longer and work more efficiently.

The best part of the XRP-Lite is that it carries an average return on investment (ROI) of less than 15 months and both have a comprehensive warranty program in place in the rare event that there is a manufacturing defect. The XRP-Lite, designed for residential and small commercial use, has a guaranteed savings of 15% or more off of your monthly electric bill or they’ll refund your money.

Who is EcoWatt Energy?
EcoWatt Energy is an energy solutions company with a focus of making a positive impact on what is now a growing, worldwide energy crisis. As a Three Green Company, they are saving money, energy, and the environment Their mission is to provide energy-saving products that are not only eco-friendly, but affordable for each and every energy consumer—residential and commercial.

EcoWatt Energy is dedicated to changing the world’s future for every generation by providing all energy users the opportunity to reduce pollutants such as CO2 emissions and cancerous EMF’s and helps to eliminate $16 billion in wasted energy. They have engineered safe, effective and affordable technology that could significantly reduce consumption and costs of electricity that would immediately create a measurable impact of savings for consumers that would not require tens of thousands of dollars upfront investment to implement. For more on EcoWatt Energy, check out their website at or you can call them @ 855-ECO-WATT (855-326-9288).


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