Minh's Rise in Music Takes "Shape" with New Album

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For a music career that's only begun in February 2010, Minh is an emerging recording artist and music producer who is already making some serious lead way into an industry that's getting tougher by the minute. His distinct sound takes shape with new album, "The Shape of You".

For a music career that's only begun in February 2010, Minh is an emerging recording artist and music producer who is already making some serious lead way into an industry that's getting tougher by the minute. However, he actually started producing in 2005 in his basement on some very basic equipment. He didn't know much of anything then, but thought that he might as well give it a shot. But, instead of producing a few demo songs, Minh decided to produce an entire album and promote it himself. The result was "Life.Love.Soul.". It was a decent amateur effort, but was barely promoted because his business mentor advised him not to go into the music industry. He heeded the advice, but not before he drew a bit of attention from Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father and former manager, responsible for the success of Destiny's Child and the breakout success of Beyonce as a solo artist.

"I remember searching for people I could send my music to. I came across Sanctuary Group, which at the time, Matthew Knowles was a part of. I found a few email addresses and decided to send cold emails. I sent it to the president of the group and a few other people," Minh recalls, "But I couldn't find Matthew Knowles' email anywhere. I noticed that everyone's email had the same pattern so I guessed what Matthew Knowles' email would be. I sent him an email hoping I had it right, asking him to listen to my music. A few days later, I received an email from the head of A&R for Matthew Knowles' Music World Entertainment imprint telling me that Matthew had told him about me and asked him to follow up with me. It didn't go anywhere because he was busy developing a rap group at the time, and I got out of music just based on my mentor's advice."

It wasn't until 4 years later that he decided to give his dream of being in music a real chance. If thinking big had a contest for a poster child, Minh would be one of the top contenders. To start, he booked a show at Jammin Java, one of the top music venues in the DC area, just to get a feel for whether or not he should go for a music career. After that show, he knew it was time to do something. It was summer of 2009 when he did that show and subsequently began producing his "Dreamgirl's Heart" album as a primer for his push into the industry. "Dreamgirl's Heart" was released in February 2010, which marked the start of his career. Within a few months, Minh landed a film/tv licensing agreement for that album with Hella Good Records, based out of Los Angeles, CA. He quickly followed this up with another album during the same year called "Layers".

"I considered 'Dreamgirl's Heart' my primer album and 'Layers' as my warm-up album. It was my work from Layers that led to me coming into my sound." Minh explained.

At the suggestion of a consulting manager, Minh sent a link to his songs from "Layers" to Marc Emert-Hutner, who was recently promoted to Senior Director of Membership Pop/Rock at ASCAP. Marc, upon listening to his music, invited him to be a part of ASCAP's 2010 Paul Cunningham Songwriters Workshop in New York City. It was there with 9 other emerging songwriters that Minh realized what was within him as an artist and how to bring it out - no matter what it may look or sound like.

"When you're just getting started, you just really want people to like you and to like the music you make. And for me, that desire worked against me a bit. Being with Marc and everyone at ASCAP helped me get past that and to push out every bit of music that is in me and not hold back," says Minh, "I mean, I think that I'm confused musically. Simply because I'm influenced by so many styles. In fact, I'm a fan of songs more than I am a fan of styles. And once I realized that it's ok to not fit into a mold and that by not fitting into a mold, you actually create a new sound, I went for it. I shouldn't say I'm confused though. I should probably say I'm a hybrid. My sound is a blend of different stuff. This is me, success or no success. Hopefully, success though."

This breakthrough resulted in Minh's newest release, The Shape of You. This 10-track album is an eclectic blend of rock, electro, and soul. If you were to draw comparisons, you can say there's a hint of N.E.R.D., Justin Timberlake, John Legend, and John Mayer in his music. Each song is deftly produced and sung with such an in-the-moment feel that you sense as if you're present while the songs are coming to life. The electronic-influenced first track "Let's Go" may appear incongruous on much of this laid-back pop-infused effort, but that would be missing the point. Minh's trick is to provide a rallying call to get you on board, and “Let's Go” is infectious enough to get you. He knows once you're on board, he's got you for the rest of the trip. "Don't Keep Me Waiting" is probably the standout track for its sparseness and haunting string arrangements. Listening to the skill with which each song is produced and performed, you can sense the consumate musician that this talented young artist is. More about the other tracks, you say? Well, you're just going to have to check the entire album out for yourself. If you appreciate how visceral good music can be, then "The Shape of You" is as impressive as it gets.

A month prior to the album's March 2011 release, Minh was hand-picked to audition for the producers of NBC's The Voice, the popular new talent competition in which judges (Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Adam Levine) picked competitors by their voice and not their looks. While in Los Angeles to audition for producers of the show, he also met with MTV's music supervisor, Jon Ernst, to play for him some of his songs. As a result, two songs from "The Shape of You" album got licensed to Jon Ernst's ShowRunner Music imprint for placement into films and tv shows.

As his career is taking shape, Minh is also giving back to the independent music community through his writing contributions on MusicThinkTank.com, including his highly circulated piece, "The Silver Bullet for Music Business Success", which encourages emerging artists to collaborate with other emerging people within the industry. As the old adage says, you have to start somewhere. For Minh, his is a career that is off to a good start and he is one to watch for as he continues to make his mark, his own way.

Please visit Minh's official site, http://www.reachminh.com, to listen to his new album, The Shape of You. More information is also available on the site. Minh can be reached for comments or questions at 202.570.4327 or via email at management(at)reachminh.com.


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