WellWise.org Reveals Five Foods That Make America Fat

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Using government and industry statistics, WellWise explores five common foods and drinks that add a surprising 32.2 lbs each year to every American. Understanding the impact of these foods in such a direct way provides a simple way to lose weight by moderating the amount of their intake.

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Five beloved foods in the American diet are adding 32.2 lbs to every man, woman and child in the United States, on average.

WellWise.org has begun a five-part weight loss series that reveals the shocking statistics behind five beloved foods and drinks, which plainly illustrate why Americans are growing ever fatter. Understanding the implications of these weight-producing foods, and targeting them for moderation in the diet provides an easy-to-understand plan for losing unwanted pounds.

Using charts and information gathered from government and industry sources, the nonprofit website details the massive amount of calories Americans are consuming – particularly from sugar, fat and salt – which are hiding in these five popular items on the average American’s daily menu. The astounding number of calories these five foods and drinks contain, and how many pounds they add on average to every American per year, will come as a surprise to many – 32.2 lbs to every man, woman and child in the United States.

This weight loss series of blogs demonstrates how nearly impossible it is for a normal person to “burn off” these excessive calories with exercise. Therefore, eliminating or dramatically cutting back on these five foods and drinks could make a substantial difference in the average person’s weight and health. The series also provides resources for further investigation. The first of the series deals with the least fattening foods of the top five, and can be read here.

WellWise is a nonprofit website whose mission is to offer authoritative, science-based information on nutrients, supplements and strategies for health, and to provide a lively meeting place for consumers, integrative health professionals, nutritionists and researchers. Regular bloggers on WellWise include foods scientists, investigative food reporters, nutritionists, therapists and more.


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