Safe French Doors Release 7 Essential Child Safety TIPS to Avoid Finger Injuries!

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Behavioural Safety Expert Michael McGrory & David Halliday from are highlighting the problem of Finger traps in doors during Child Safety Week. The duo has created a Multi Award Winning Product for French Patio or Double Doors after David’s Children suffered serious accidents involving these doors.

Industry experts like say “It is estimated 40,000 Children in the UK are treated in Accident and Emergency wards every year through trapping their fingers in doors” Shockingly up to 5% of these treatments require surgery or amputation. On average it costs the NHS up to £2500 for each treatment which is a staggering amount of money, data understates the magnitude of the problem, since only Accident and Emergency visits were considered. Those injuries that were tended to at home, in a doctor's surgery or in the Medical Centre were not counted in the above statistic.(ROSPA)

Why do these injuries happen?

Michael McGrory says “Would you be surprised when I tell you a set of doors can exert up to 40 tonnes per square inch pressure between the hinges and frame? Now that is enough to cut steel! So I don’t have to tell you what this can do to a small child whose fingers are not yet formed properly.” These injuries can happen with children playing around the doors or even parents closing them and not looking where their child has their fingers, it only takes a second. The most dangerous hazard area on a door is the gap, which exists between the hinge side of a door and the frame, as these act just like a guillotine when the door is closing. Doors are all over the place: internal/external doors, cupboards, garages, wardrobes, sheds and playhouses.
Most of these injures are preventable!

7 Essential Child Safety TIPS to Avoid Finger Injuries!

Basic Supervision. French or Double Doors are notorious for blowing open or shut. Supervision of young children and being aware of hazards is essential. Keep your eye on children when they are in the danger areas.

Fit door protection strips. These devices cover the hinge where the door is joined to the wall. They are easily fitted and bend with the door when it opens preventing children from slotting their fingers in. Check out for quality products.

Fit doors with stoppers and jammers. These are to prevent the door slamming onto fingers. Generally a thick 'U' shaped foam they simply slot over the door itself and stop it from shutting completely into the frame. For French or Double Doors check out the multi award winning product solves this problem with the clever device called Sunbreeze. Sunbreeze has won 2 major Awards in the UK including The John Logie Baird Award Scotland’s most prestigious Award for Innovative Company’s.

Fit safety catches to drawers and cupboards. You can have self-closing drawers fitted which reduce accidents. Alternatively you can fit safety catches that prevent cupboards and drawers being opened by small hands.

Think, Think, Think and then Think again. Do you have any problem doors or cupboards in your home? If you do then fix them. A simple Risk Assessment process will help again check out and other child safety organisations for more help.

Educate. Talk to your children and make them aware of the potential danger of trapping their fingers in your home. Trapped finger injuries are all over the news, take Man Citys high profile footballer Carlos Tevezs, little Katie Tevez was rushed to hospital, where Tevez had to wait anxiously while surgeons in Manchester reconnected the tips of his daughter's severed fingers and tried to repair her badly damaged tendons. Article here How much money would any parent pay not to have their child go through pain and suffering that will last most of their lives?

Use Wedges & Door Knob Covers. When doors are wedged open make sure wedges are used on both sides of the door. Door knob covers will prevent young children from opening doors whilst the oversize grip of these products remains easy for adults to operate.

Notes for Editors:
It is estimated over 40,000 home accidents involve children under the age of 14 who trap their fingers in windows or doors each year. Not surprising with over 40 ton per square inch pressure between the hinges of a closing door.

Michael and David would like to highlight the problems with door safety in the hope that they will save children’s fingers. They have a very graphic test that can highlight this problem but also strikes home what can happen to children’s fingers.

Michael McGrory has used his Behavioral Safety background in the Chemical Industry for the last 12 years. Together with his cousin David Halliday they have created an Award Winning Safety Product, after two serious accidents involving Davids Children and French Doors.

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