Pay As You Settle Notices Rising Gas Prices Cause Struggles with Debt

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Millions of Americans are affected by rising gas prices because transportation has become a necessity. This release from Pay As You Settle offers tips for saving on fuel and keeping money in your wallet.

Pay As You Settle

Pay As You Settle

Pay As You Settle, a debt settlement program offered by Prestige Financial Solutions, is aware that with gas prices averaging $3.69 per gallon across the U.S. these days, many Americans are facing financial difficulties when it comes to basic everyday living expenses. Commuting to and from work or school has become so expensive that many are faced with using their credit cards just to get around. Those in the transportation industry or any industry that delivers goods are feeling the strain on their pocketbooks and distress over astronomically high credit card bills.

Tips for Saving on Fuel Costs

1.    If possible, coasting to a stop is better than braking
2.    Skip the air conditioning
3.    Don’t let gas card rewards encourage more spending: Often times gas card holders use the card for additional purchases inside the gas station/convenience store which defeats the purpose of having a gas card to save a few pennies per gallon on fuel
4.    Drive slower: increasing your average speed by 10mph will decrease your fuel efficiency by 5 miles per gallon
5.    Don’t idle your engine: Idling in a vehicle for 60 seconds uses as much fuel as starting the engine. If you do have to wait for someone who is running into the store, etc… it is best to turn the engine off

If credit card debt is consuming your thoughts and your wallets, here are some tips to help you work towards financial freedom:
1.    Create a monthly budget by reviewing income and expenses to determine how much you can afford to pay toward your credit card bills.
2.    Once your budget has been determined, you can explore your options, such as:

  •     Pay creditors more than the minimum amounts.
  •     Get a consolidation loan to pay off all cards.
  •     Explore credit card counseling programs to see if they can reduce your principle while maintaining an affordable monthly payment.
  •     Research debt settlement programs, and look specifically for programs that do not charge upfront fees and can eliminate your principle balance within 36 months or less.
  •     Declare bankruptcy; a last resort due to length and cost of the process and the effect it will have on your financial well-being.

Prestige Financial Solutions strongly recommends consulting with a debt advisor to help you assess your situation and further explain your options. To find reputable companies who may be able to help you, visit the Better Business Bureau’s website. Consumers should be well-informed and ask questions, as there are pros and cons to each option.

“Anxiety caused by credit card debt can be a highly emotional situation and people need to be sure they’re working with a reputable, established company that has their best interests in mind,” said Amy Thompson, a founder of Prestige Financial Solutions.

Pay as You Settle® (PAYS®) is one of the nation’s leading pay-as-you-go debt settlement programs. The program can be found online at or by calling 800.441.7297.

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