Super-Computing leads to Super-Encryption

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Using the power of Nvidia CUDA, Xoom Data services introduces the world to ultra-fast and ultra-powerful encryption.

CudaCrypt GPU Encryption Technology

Xoom Data Services CudaCrypt

We move data from point "A" to point "B" and we make sure people can't steal it in the middle. Robert Gagnon CEO

Xoom Data Services Inc. is proud to formally announce the launch of its Patent Pending CudaCrypt™ GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) technology.

GPU’s are the graphics cards used on computers for taking over the workload from the CPU for gaming, rendering and display. One of the leading entities in the GPU business is NVIDIA Corporation which produces GPU’s capable of doing “Parallel Computing” which is basically supercomputing. GPUs have up to 1000 processors on-board compared with i7 CPU’s having 8 cores to use. The result is supercomputer power in an inexpensive add-on card.

Xoom Data Services has used the GPU to revolutionize Encryption with their PAT PENDING CudaCrypt™ module. Encryption is very intensive resource wise on computers. CudaCrypt™ uses the spare resources on the GPU to hyper-accelerate the encryption, which means:

a) Stronger encryption for everything you can think of
b) Almost instant encryption means no waiting
c) Speed, Speed and more Speed.

"The first practical application for this technology was our own XoomFile™ Windows Desktop Application" said Larry Cole, VP Enterprise,."Mac GPU encryption is coming in the fall of 2011".

"XoomFile™ allows users to drag, drop and send massive files to anyone" continued Larry, "The Windows™ Edition uses the CudaCrypt module to encrypt the contents after they’ve been sliced and compressed into small chunks which means 'Military-Grade' security on every send". Internal benchmark tests have shown that an Nvidia 480 Fermi card can process 256Bit AES encryption at 3.4 Gb/s on-card, blowing all former encryption rates out of the water. XoomFile™ is the ONLY file sending technology using the power of supercomputing.

XoomFile can be downloaded from their website . More information and developer details for CudaCrypt can be found at . CudaCrypt is available to software developers under license as DLLs or Mac DyLibs.

Xoom Data Services Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Victoria BC Canada. Further information can be obtained by contacting: Larry Cole VP larryc(at)xoomfile(dot)com or at 250.999.0035


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