U.S. Company Claims Cure for Acne

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Greenwich Labs says its Derma Advance product strikes acne at its previously unknown source.

Derma Advance Guaranteed Acne Treatment

Generally, it’s assumed that the cause of acne is unknown, therefore a cure is unknown. We believe the cause of acne is not in the increase of sebum production but rather in a chemical change in the composition of sebum.

Acne treatments typically focus on reducing the effects of acne. In contrast, Derma Advance focuses on stopping the root cause of acne, which Greenwich Labs has uniquely identified as increased sebum viscosity.

The president of Greenwich Labs, Nathan Allen, says that “most acne treatments focus on limiting the effects of a problem that already exists. We’re focused on the cause.”

Over-the-counter acne treatments typically contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which act to kill acne bacteria on the face but can also needlessly dry out the skin. Greenwich Labs focuses in an entirely different area. “Generally, it’s assumed that the cause of acne is unknown, therefore a cure is unknown,” Allen explained. “We believe the cause of acne is not in the increase of sebum production but rather in a chemical change in the composition of sebum.”

Sebum, or skin oil, is often assumed to have a fairly constant composition. But Allen believes that as the body increases lipid production at the onset of puberty, it also alters the composition of sebum. “The fat content of the skin’s oil increases,” Allen said, “which increases its viscosity, essentially making the oil thicker. That’s why your pores start to clog when you hit puberty.”

Lipids are precursors to many hormones such as testosterone, which explains the increase in production at the onset of puberty. Pores clog with dead skin cells, which then provide an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. This results in common acne lesions.

Derma Advance is a patent-pending over-the-counter oral nutritional supplement that limits the liver’s ability to produce lipids and triglycerides, and hence decreases the thickness of the skin’s oil. According to Allen, “numerous clinical studies have proven that the formulation decreases lipid and triglyceride production, and we’re pioneers in linking that to decreased sebum viscosity.”

The formulation has no known adverse side effects for those with a healthy liver, and the only known side effect is flushing in the face, neck and upper back. “The formulation has been taken over a million times,” Allen says, “and aside from facial flushing, it’s remarkably safe.”

Crucial to Greenwich Labs’s analysis of the causes of acne is what’s referred to as the “circadian rhythm.” Greenwich Labs believes that the body’s primary fat production cycle is between 10pm and 4am, and thus the fat content of the skin’s oil peaks shortly thereafter. “Body functions do not operate at constant rates,” Allen said. “If you wish to target any given function, you’ll get the best results if you do so as peak operation.”

Allen explains, “As you sleep at night, your liver is pumping out fats and dispersing them throughout your body.” As such, Greenwich Labs recommends that Derma Advance be taken between 4pm and 10pm, but “later is preferable,” Allen adds.

Regarding other acne treatments, Allen observes, “If they’re telling you to use the same stuff in the morning and evening, then they don’t know what they talking about. They’re ignoring a fundamental concept in acne prevention – your body’s circadian rhythm.”

Greenwich Labs is even so bold as to post their research and patent information online (http://www.dermaadvance.com/Derma-Science.html). “It’s not a big deal,” Allen says, “we want everyone to know what we’ve discovered and that this is really something quite revolutionary.” He also pointed out that the treatment has been filed with the U.S. Patent Office, so he’s not worried about competition.

Greenwich Labs is currently developing a system of creams to be used in conjunction with their oral tablet. But Allen asserted: “The creams help limit the results of acne -- the tablet, dare I be so bold? -- cures it.” Patents will be filed for the creams this summer.

Derma Advance is only sold through http://www.dermaadvance.com. Greenwich Labs expects the creams to reach the market by early 2012.

Web: http://www.dermaadvance.com
Acne articles: http://www.dermaadvance.com/Guides_and_Articles.html


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