Iconix Forms ACB to Empower Electronic Component Brokers

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ACB, Representing a Unique Concept in Outsourcing, has Been Established to Place Experienced Electronic Component Brokers into Their Own Businesses. Participants in ACB handle the sales and, optionally, the purchasing of components for their customers and outsource the balance of the business operations, such as quality assurance, shipping, billing and collections to Iconix’s ISO registered concern. Associates provide the customers and purchase orders - ACB provides the finances, incorporation, logo, website, access to the broker networks, etc. in order to establish the new businesses and then outsources the back end operations to Iconix for support.

It's as easy as ACB

“ACB originated from a desire by Iconix to expand its thriving independent distributorship"

Iconix Inc. (http://www.iconix-inc.com) , an established distributor of electronic components, has developed Associate Components Brokers (ACB) to leverage its ISO registered operations and advanced counterfeit component detection capabilities, by forming new businesses with and for experienced component brokers.

According to Stan Schiller, General Manager of ACB … “ACB originated from a desire by Iconix to expand its thriving independent distributorship. They possessed state-of-the art logistics, certifications and quality assurance capability but were limited in growth by their numbers of sales and purchasing people. Iconix had good people ... but too few to achieve the growth needed to be a major player on the industry. “

Iconix has as an objective to become positioned to become one of the companies chosen by larger corporations as a preferred supplier of line shortage and obsolete parts. Since said large corporations prefer their chosen vendors to operate above a minimum revenue threshold, Iconix needed to grow to that level to meet its objective.

Iconix had tried the classical methods of attracting good people ... print and web advertising, recruiters, job fairs, etc. ... all to no avail. They hired some candidates, but most were lacking in key attributes, which through careful analysis, Iconix was able to identify and categorize. The company also trained some entry level people, but those that achieved success all seemed to want, in addition to more income, something more ... autonomy …their own businesses. Hence, ACB was conceived and became a reality.

Who should use ACB?
It appears that the very same characteristics that enable a person to become a successful broker / independent distributor, instills them with an innate entrepreneurial spirit. To a man/woman, the top performers hated the drudgery of the details but loved the customer and vendor contacts. They were driven by the satisfaction derived from getting an order, successfully finding and delivering the parts needed and reaping the financial rewards from their efforts. They enjoyed having their customers dependent upon their ability rescue them from line down or shortage situations by finding parts generally unavailable in the marketplace or of having long lead times. These "superstars" liked the thrill of the chase, the gratification of satisfying their clients, the accomplishment of developing their customer and supplier relationships and their growing bank accounts.

So ACB was born as a vehicle to merge the talents and desires of industry superstars with Iconix’s existing corporate strengths ... for the betterment of both entities. Iconix was/is willing to share in the wealth ... a necessary component of attracting the needed people ... to achieve its revenue objective.

To date, Iconix has signed several brokers and are having great results. The plan is working. Iconix has refined its methodology and is now expanding its scope by offering contracts to other individuals that can meet the criteria. According to Schiller, the basic qualifications needed for success are:

  •     An established following of customers
  •     Possibly some trusted suppliers
  •     A burning desire to succeed and make tons of money
  •     A solid work ethic
  •     The ability to work alone
  •     An entrepreneurial spirit that begs to be satiated

Candidates with these qualifications that wish to hear more should contact Iconix or ACB via telephone, fax or email.

Iconix Inc., uniquely addresses the industry’s contract manufacturing and electronic component procurement needs for obsolete and hard-to-get or commodity products. Iconix also provides a suite of services customized to increase each of their clients’ profitability. Being certified to ISO 9001:2008 assures that Iconix’s customers receive products and services of industry leading quality. Conformance to IDEA STD 1010A imparts the ability to use its state-of-the-art inspection and in-house decapsulation equipment for the detection of used and/or counterfeit components and their subsequent removal from the supply chain. Iconix’s mission is to continually manage its business practices in compliance with their credo of Integrity, Ingenuity and Intensity.

Iconix was formed with precepts and policies that uphold the most noble principles of business practice. Their word is their bond and their products and services are ISO assured to be of the highest quality.

Using well formulated and closely monitored systems and procedures, Iconix empowers its business to satisfy its customers’ needs. Their ability to offer customized products and services adds to their value in the user's supply chain. Iconix will always find a way to "get it done".

Iconix people give 100%. They are job oriented and dedicated to the successful delivery of each order to the satisfaction of each and every customer.


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