New Clean Tech Air Conditioning System Delivers Unprecedented Results on Improving Air Quality at Local School

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First time An Air Conditioning Technology Prevents Mold Problems By Eliminating Nearly All Mold Spores As It Cools

Students in classrooms with excellent IAQ scored 14 to 15 percent higher on standardized tests than students in classrooms with sub-par Indoor Air Quality. - EPA Study

Advantix Systems, the leading manufacturer of liquid desiccant air conditioning and dehumidification technology, announced today the results of a recent test demonstration of their Air Conditioning & Dehumidification System at Coral Springs Christian Academy.

According to a recent EPA study, schools with better indoor air quality typically enjoy higher performance on standardized tests and have lower rates of student absenteeism due to illness. The study by the EPA provides scientific proof, “Evidence continues to mount demonstrating that Indoor Air Quality or IAQ, directly impacts student academic performance and health. Taking steps to improve the IAQ of schools is critical to bettering student health and academic performance.” In one study performed by the agency, “Students in classrooms with excellent IAQ scored 14 to 15 percent higher on standardized tests than students in classrooms with sub-par Indoor Air Quality.”

To provide an optimal learning environment for their students, Coral Springs Christian Academy tested this innovative air conditioning technology with the oversight of Air Allergen & Mold Testing, an independent laboratory. The one-month test showed that the use of the new air conditioning technology greatly improved the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within the demonstration classroom by removing nearly all of the airborne mold spores. In fact, although the outside air contained over 49 mold spores, after using the Advantix system the classroom had only 1 mold spore.    Mold spores if left untreated can lead to a variety of health problems, especially in children and people who suffer from chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies

“We were delighted with the results of the Advantix Systems’ demonstration at our school. The air quality inside the classroom improved substantially as there was a considerable decrease in the musty odor and humidity level of the room,” said the School’s spokesperson Peter Dora.

Coral Springs Christian Academy Demonstration
Air Allergen & Mold Testing, an independent laboratory, conducted two tests analyzing the inside air environments at Coral Springs Christian Academy in relation to outside conditions. The first test established a baseline for comparison before the Advantix Systems cooling and dehumidification equipment was installed and operational. The second test showed the results of treating the air with the Advantix unit in operation.

The first air sample taken on March 14th, before the equipment was installed, found a total of 377 mold spores per cubic meter in the classroom. After the installation, the follow-up test found only 1 mold spore despite a hotter, more humid outside environment that contained over 2,000 spores in the air.

“Based on the sampling results prior to the installation of Advantix’s dehumidification and filtration system, health concerns for students and staff with asthma and other respiratory sensitivities to mold was a near certainty,” states Richard Johnson of Air Allergen & Mold Testing. “This innovative technology is capable of preventing the high levels of mold spores that more conventional HVAC equipment often leaves behind.”

How it Works: Advantix Systems
Advantix Systems’ Liquid Desiccant cooling and dehumidification technology uses a brine solution to naturally capture bacteria, mold, and other airborne allergens, while removing humidity and cooling the air. Advantix Systems’ natural filtration process substantially improves indoor air quality.

Advantix Systems proprietary equipment cools and dehumidifies the air simultaneously, eliminating the need to overcool the air to control humidity and enabling substantial energy cost savings in humid climates such as the southeast United States.

About Advantix Systems
Advantix Systems is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient technology that delivers energy savings of up to 80 percent in commercial and industrial applications. A pioneer in harnessing liquid desiccant, Advantix’s clean tech air conditioning and dehumidification systems deliver powerful, precise humidity control, substantial energy savings and cleaner air free of bacteria and mold. For more information, please visit

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