SinusWars LLC Launches the Ear Warrior, a Homeopathic Remedy That Treats Most Ear Related Conditions and Infections

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The strong unbeatable Ear Warrior is ready to fight ear infections without harming your body and soul.

SinusWars4 is the Warior that helps battle Ear

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then the ears are the vessels that allow your soul to interact with others and the world. These precious organs need to be nurtured and taken care of. When one has a sinus infection the ears are vulnerable to infection too. Ear infections can cause sharp, shooting pain and there may even be a discharge from the ears. There exists a solution to this problem.

In response to the thousands of calls regarding clients complaining about ear infections, SinusWars was prompted to create an all natural remedy to target specific ear complaints.

SinusWars4 is the natural ear warrior remedy. The remedy which is a combination of homeopathic ingredients works on the root cause of the problem. It clears up the sinus infection that is causing the ear infection and also targets the inflammation and possible discharge in the ears thereby relieving pain.

Here is a list of symptoms that this product treats:

  •     General sinusitis (with yellow mucus)
  •     Congestion and inflammation
  •     Sinus headaches
  •     Ear and mastoid infections
  •     Maxillary pain
  •     Sneezing in the mornings
  •     Sinus problems accompanied by tinnitus (noise in the ear)
  •     Fever
  •     Sore throat and loss of smell

Silica is a key homeopathic ingredient within SinusWars4. It stimulates and promotes drainage from the ear.

This product also contains Belladonna. This fascinating ingredient got its name centuries ago. Women used the juice of the berries to dilate their pupils and thought that this would make them more attractive, hence Belladonna or ‘beautiful woman’. Today this powerful plant is used extensively in homeopathy. A constituent of SinusWars4 it works to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the nose and throat. It is also an anti-infection ingredient and therefore works to clear up the ear infection.

With infections comes fever and pain. Pyrogenium is another ingredient in SinusWars4 and it works directly to overcome fever. This ingredient immunizes the body against the associated symptoms similar to a vaccination.

SinusWars4 is safe for all ages and will change the tide towards homeopathy.

This homeopathic product is natural, proven, safe and effective!

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