A New Book by a New Author, "UNA SIMUL", is a Challenge to Our Concept of the "Big Bang"; Finding "Essence" in "The Grand Convergence" Further Challenges Our Belief System

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If ever a book left you thirsting for more, this new book, "UNA SIMUL", is that book. New author, Thomas R. Napton, suggests the "Big Bang" is just a step in "The Grand Convergence", and humanity's quest for understanding our "essence" is the centerpiece of our being.

Challenging any reader to find purpose in their understanding of life!

"UNA SIMUL", a new book by a new author, Thomas R. Napton, challenges the reader, more than any other book about the "Big Bang", with questions, not answers; with dreams, not nightmares; with a journey, not an ending. It is a must read for all faiths, believers and non-believers.

"UNA SIMUL" proposes that the Big Bang is just a step in the "Grand Convergence" of pre-time/matter, time/matter, and post-time matter. It is a soul searching exercise that challenges all disciplines to find meaning in the definition of eternity's timeless events.

"UNA SIMUL" is also great story telling. Fictional characters hint at factual possibilities. Rales Tobin, a NY Times journalist finds himself immersed in the world of Jacque Breen, a reclusive scientist whose renown spellbinds those attending a "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (SETI) Conference at the fabulous Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. The tale brings us into an encounter with the audience from all walks of life, and all ages, questionning Breen, with Tobin trying to capture the event for the NYTimes and possibly a book.

Buried in this relationship between Breen and Tobin is the theme that runs throughout about the status of the "Big Bang". The surprise ending brings the reader to ask questions about life and how each of us tries to understand its purpose in what the author suggests is the "Grand Convergence".

The reader is challenged to enter into a conversation with the characters, to find a purpose in one's own belief that humankind once understood the "essence" of the "Grand Convergence" before it was lost in the Garden of Eden event, with a hope that this "essence" will be regained. Reading this book requires notes in the margins, a re-read, and discussion with others to answer what this book proposes.

The author takes the reader on this thoughtful journey with expert style and characters that find life in the pages, giving one a feeling that the journey is not just one of provocative thought but involves lives a reader can identify with. And then the final sensory blast comes from a controversial Chart that Breen has prepared. This Chart proposes that the "Seven Days of Creation" in the Bible are yet to be completed. Study this Chart. Reel from it. Study it again, rip it out of the book, carry it with you. Make up your own mind, because this is truly revolutionary!

The true purpose of "UNA SIMUL" is to elicit the reader to flesh out one's own definitions, and not be locked into ones restrained by the "Big Bang". This book is truly provocative. It will be a centerpiece in any discussions about the "Big Bang".


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