A Revolutionary Natural Pain Treatment Comes To Charlotte

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A revolutionary natural pain treatment called Primal Reflex Release Technique http://www.theprrt.com, utilizes the nervous system to turn pain off quickly and effectively. Focal Point Chiropractic Health Center in Pineville is offering this treatment for the first time in the Charlotte area http://www.focalpointchc.com.

Many people suffer with recurrent pain and dysfunction and those who seek help usually find only temporary relief that quickly fades. A new treatment option in Pineville has the potential to break the cycle of recurrent pain. Dr. Steven Henderson, D.C., of Focal Point Chiropractic Health Center, would like to introduce the people of Charlotte to Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT). This relatively new approach to treating pain and dysfunction uses the nervous system itself to release tension and allow the body to heal. Developed by Physical Therapist John Iams, PRRT uses non-forceful techniques to directly involve the nervous system in the process of correction so that changes are immediately integrated into the brain and body resulting in longer lasting positive outcomes.

John Iams observed that patients with chronic pain and dysfunction had overactive protective reflexes that interfered with healing. Normal protective reflexes save us from injury such as helping us to quickly pulling our hand away from a sharp or hot object before we are injured. However, when these reflexes become overactive they prevent us from returning to a relaxed state and keep our nervous system overstimulated and hypersensitive to the effects of stress. Iams developed Primal Reflex Release Technique as a means to turn off these overly reactive reflex patterns and allow the body to return to more balanced state where it could heal itself.

Treatments consist of gently tapping muscles with the hand or a reflex hammer as the doctor works with the patient through positional releases and reflex games. Most patients only need a few treatments before their pain and muscle tension has completely subsided. There are those whose lifestyle may require them to come in from time to time for a follow up, but most find lasting results. This is not to say that PRRT will work for everyone, studies have shown that some patients do not respond to the treatment as well as others. When PRRT fails, it tends to fail quickly so those patients for whom it does not work are identified within the first couple of visits so their time and money are not wasted.

Since the technique has only been taught since 2007 there are few practitioners currently utilizing it. Until recently residents of the Charlotte area would have to travel to Hendersonville, Greenville, or Atlanta for PRRT treatments. In June 2011, Focal Point Chiropractic Health Center opened it's doors in downtown Pineville and would like to invite the people of Charlotte and surrounding areas to come in and see what PRRT and Dr. Henderson can do for them. Dr. Henderson feels that “PRRT represents a missing piece of the recurrent pain and dysfunction puzzle that no other method can address.” and goes on to say that, "John Iams has made what may be the single most important contribution to the treatment of pain in our modern time."

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