GoldenOrb Launches – Open Source Version of Google’s Pregel Now Available to Developers Everywhere

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Unleashes Instant Access to Massive Scale Processing, Removes Limits to Solving Today’s Hardest Graph Problems


We are proud to deliver a highly capable open source graph processing solution, complete with scalability and easy integration with other big data solutions like Hadoop and Cassandra.

GoldenOrb, an open source project modeled after Google’s Pregel architecture that executes massive graph processing in the cloud, today launched into general availability. GoldenOrb enables dynamically scalable graph processing, built upon best-of-breed software from the Apache Hadoop project.

The project is stewarded by Ravel, an Austin-based big data analytics software company.

GoldenOrb gives developers, researchers and companies looking to deploy large-scale graph analysis the ability to do so easily and affordably. GoldenOrb isn’t just another big data processor. It’s tailor-made to crunch terabytes of graph data while still keeping the relationships between the data intact.

“We are proud to deliver a highly capable open source graph processing solution, complete with scalability and easy integration with other big data solutions like Hadoop and Cassandra,” said Zach Richardson, GoldenOrb Lead Architect and President of Ravel. “At GoldenOrb, we believe that an open development model is the only way to foster solutions to complex data problems. We want to remove limits to innovation and contribute to the emerging ecosystem that spans all aspects of big data analysis.”

Anyone can get started working on the project in a matter of minutes with a quick download and install from GitHub. Developers interested in committing to the project should be familiar with Hadoop and Java when working on GoldenOrb, but anyone with an understanding of Java can easily work within the project scope.

"GoldenOrb is potentially as transformative as Hadoop and next-generation databases have been for tackling massive-scale data problems. All three ‘move the computation to the data,’ but GoldenOrb efficiently leverages the data's internal structure", said Flip Kromer, CTO of Infochimps. "Even more importantly, its ‘think like a node’ programming model solves formerly-impractical graph problems with simple, elegant code.”

Today, GoldenOrb delivers the following functionality:

  •     Accelerated Massive Scale Graph Algorithm Execution — GoldenOrb gives developers the power to accelerate large-scale graph algorithm run-time. This process delivers immediate value in the form of time saved rather than requiring developers and data-savvy analysts to conform their algorithms to ill-fitted solutions.
  •     Scalable Graph Analytics Made Affordable — GoldenOrb diminishes the costs to scale as an open source analytics solution that is structured to dynamically increase storage or processing depending on the specific need. For developers, this feature eliminates the contracting hassle, purchase costs and delays to acquire more capacity of both storage and processing when you encounter a limit.
  •     Improved Quality of Data Insights — GoldenOrb enables users to run traditional and sophisticated analytics on entire data sets, instead of samples, to increase accuracy and in some cases, provide results that are left on the table with current solutions.
  •     Open Source — GoldenOrb’s community is just getting started today. We hope that over time it becomes a vibrant open source community of developers that are constantly iterating on and improving GoldenOrb. The goal being that as complex graph problems arise, the community is there to help solve them.

The open source project is being released under the Apache 2.0 License. No commercial implementations or support for GoldenOrb are currently being offered, nor are productized versions set for future release.

For more information about GoldenOrb, please visit


GoldenOrb is accessible today. Grab the source code at

The applications of the technology are numerous including:

  •     Social Graph Analysis
  •     Data-mining
  •     Fraud Detection
  •     Energy Grid Optimization
  •     Chemical Structure Analysis
  •     Network Analysis

About GoldenOrb:

GoldenOrb is a cloud-based open source project for massive-scale graph algorithm execution, built upon best-of-breed software from the Apache Hadoop project and modeled after Google’s Pregel architecture.

The project aims to deliver solutions for developers, analysts and researchers approaching complex graph problems by being simple to implement, massively scalable and complex data analyses.

GoldenOrb was born in June 2011, and is sponsored by Ravel, an Austin-based data analytics company. For more information visit:

About Ravel:

Ravel makes enterprise grade analytics solutions for discovering insights from big data.

Focused on driving innovation in deep analytics, Ravel is committed to developing products that are used by enterprise companies to analyze massive data sets while using commodity hardware and the rapidly growing big data open source technologies.

Ravel was founded in 2010 by a team of experienced data scientists and software developers headquartered in Austin, TX.

For more information visit:


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