SinusWars has Formulated a Powerful Internal All Natural Decongestant: SinusWars7

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Inhale deeply for the first time in months and feel refreshed and alive again

“Renew your breath of life with this powerful decongestant”

Wax on. Wax off. Breathe in. Breathe out. We all witnessed the extraordinary power that the right breathing technique gave to the Karate Kid. You cannot however alter your technique of breathing when you can’t breathe normally in the first place.

Breath is the energy of life. Some cultures call it Prana; others call it Chi. This energy allows us to function and allows every cell within our body to do what is necessary to keep us going. When we are prevented from taking in that breath, we are hampered from functioning optimally.

There are millions of people that suffer from sinusitis and nasal congestion. The next step is always nasal steroidal sprays and conventional medication that only dries up the nasal passages creating a chain reaction for the symptoms to recur.

If you have been suffering from chronic sinusitis and you have thick mucus which is hard to blow out; you need a powerful decongestant to help liquefy that mucus. Do not wait for complications to arise.

SinusWars7 has arrived and it treats the following symptoms:

  •     Blocked nasal passages
  •     Inflammation and congestion
  •     Pressure and pain in the sinuses
  •     Dry nasal passages
  •     Thick mucus discharge
  •     Swelling in the back of the throat
  •     Pressure in the frontal sinuses-at the root of the nose and between the eyes
  •     Yellow/green mucus discharge.

The ingredients are purely homeopathic. One of the ingredients Calcarea Carbonica (Carbonate of Lime) treats inflammation of the sinuses and nose as well as swelling and pain in the nose and sinuses. Myristica Sebifera (Brazilian Ucuba) is an ingredient of great antiseptic powers. It is therefore a fantastic ingredient for sinus infections. It also works to fight congestion and blockages in the sinuses. Pulsitilla Pratensis (Wind Flower) is yet another ingredient that is particularly good in clearing up yellow or green mucus. The other ingredients have similar indications.

All the ingredients found in SinusWars7 work to thin out or ‘liquefy’ mucus and in this way the mucus can be expelled by the body easily. When the thick mucus is removed the pressure and pain associated with it is also dissipated.

Imagine the relief of blowing out mucus that has almost solidified permanently in your nasal passages.
The amount of pressure that will be lifted from you will leave you feeling like a new person. Instead of using conventional products that only dry up your mucus membranes, try SinusWars7.

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Treveshen Padayachee (CEO)


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