Northeast Georgia Urology Group Offers Treatment for Overactive Bladder/Interstitial Cystitis Utilizing the Medtronic InterStim Device

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Interstititial cystitis(IC) and Overactive Bladder(OAB) can be a debilitating bladder disorder for many women. The Medtronic InterStim trial offers hope to women unresponsive to medications. At the Northeast Georgia Ambulatory Surgery Center it now can be performed in a comfortable, convenient and outpatient basis, often times with dramatic results.

Tired of the symptoms of overactive bladder and interstitial cystitis? Tired of the side effects (dry mouth and constipation) sometimes associated with the medicines used to treat them?

Symptoms of urgency, frequentcy, getting up at night or leaking urine because of not getting to the bathroom in time is a common and frustrating problem for many women. Unlike medications that attempt to control the muscles of the bladder, the Medtronic InterStim device stimulates the nerves that control the bladder. This in turn corrects the aggravating symptoms associated with overactive bladder. "A pacemaker for the bladder" so to speak.

Dr. McHugh of the Northeast Georgia Urological Associates and Ambulatory Surgery Center feels the InterStim is an excellent alternative to medications and the side affects associated with them.

"Some women with overactive bladder symptoms respond very well to oral medications. For those who do not or have the troublesome side effects associated with the medications, the InterStim offers a very acceptable alternative," says Dr. McHugh. "The trial procedure (done as an outpatient and under local anesthesia) determines whether the InterStim device will be effective or not," says Dr. McHugh.

"Overactive Bladder and IC symptoms present a very difficult and trying situation for both the patient and the doctor. Here at the Northeast Georgia Urological we have an interest in this subset of patients and use all of the available treatment modalities to ensure a successful outcome. Our Nurse Practitioner, Christie Woodruff, is particularly in tune with our OAB patients and their needs, and has recently completed a Medtronics InterStim certification in Minneapolis, Minnesota."

"If you or someone you know suffers from Overactive Bladder symptoms, you should consider giving the staff at N.G.U.A. an opportunity to potentially change your life. We take OAB and IC very seriously," concludes Dr. McHugh.

Dr. McHugh and Christie Woodruff N.P. can be reached at 770-535-0001 ext 113 or by email at info(at)ngurology(dot)com. (N.G.U.A.'s website,, has several pages dedicated to OAB and IC including links to organizations that support patients with these disorders.)

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