Beauty and Skin Care Resource Store Launches Facebook Pages for Accessible Beauty News, Reviews and Tips

Share Article, the comprehensive site for beauty and skin care information, expands its industry’s influential presence on the Web to Facebook to provide skincare and beauty news for social networkers.

Facebook posts feature updates on anti-aging, acne, skincare ingredients, makeup, cosmetic procedures and natural options for healthy, beautiful skin.

For intelligent answers to beauty questions any time of the day or night, now offers Facebook sources with beauty news, tips, FAQs and reviews. Facebook posts feature updates on anti-aging, acne, skincare ingredients, makeup, cosmetic procedures and natural options for healthy, beautiful skin.

Learn the ins and outs of skin care through unique social media pages that cover all aspects of skincare and beauty, through the convenient format of Facebook:

Skincare Tips offers updates on the latest in skincare and beauty. Find out if sunscreen is still necessary for people over 65 years old (it is!) and what products to include on a back-to-school skincare list. Fans will also learn about key ingredients like glycolic acid and how they can help with acne, aging and other skin concerns.

Skincare-News is the go-to Facebook source for recent beauty articles, tips and FAQs. Get information on skin conditions like bruises, acne and ringworm, plus seasonal tips on holiday gifts and keeping skin healthy all year long.

Find answers to common beauty questions, from budget skincare to DIY hair treatments, in excerpts from the comprehensive Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook:

Skincare Questions is an interactive way to find beauty and skincare solutions. Question topics range from how to refrain from skin picking to makeup tips and the effects of lifestyle choices (like smoking) on the skin. Posts also include links to the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook, which offers readers a complete guide to acne, anti-aging, hair care, budget beauty and more. Example post:

» Q: I recently moved to a region with hot, humid summers. My normal base foundation is too heavy and shiny in the heat. Is there a warm-weather alternative that doesn’t sacrifice coverage?

A: Try a tinted and oil-controlling matte moisturizer like Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Tint Oil Control Lotion SPF 20 - Medium Skin. If you need extra coverage over problem areas, use in combination with a cream-based concealer.

Beauty Questions takes all the guesswork out of a beauty routine—especially for those who can’t make it to the dermatologist on a regular basis. Fans of Beauty Questions can receive basic guidance on issues like acne, natural skincare and premature aging. For example, find out how to create a DIY concoction for a pimple using aspirin and water. Example post:

» Q: Since discontinuing the pill, I always get acne around my chin during my period. What should I do?

A: It’s common for women to break out during menstruation; your chin is prone to pimples and redness during this time. Apply an acne spot treatment a few days before and during your period to keep pores clear. Active ingredients — such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide — should help.

Skincare FAQs provides an easy guide to separating fact from fiction in the realm of skincare. From DIY summertime beauty treatments to dispelling the myth of chocolate causing acne, this Facebook page helps shed light on key skincare habits and tips for saving time and money.

Before investing in new beauty products, it helps to get reliable reviews. The following pages offer rich, informative reviews on the latest acne, anti-aging, hair and skin products and treatments:

Skincare & Beauty Product Reviews provides links to product reviews for both men and women. Discover new products, like Aramis Classic for men and Archipelago Botanicals for the body and home, and get intelligent information on luxury skincare tools, such as Baby Quasar MD and Clarisonic.

Beauty Product Reviews gives reliable reviews on products like Whish Shave and Body Products, Perricone MD and holistic skincare lines like Borghese. Posts include tips on lip brushes, ingredients like vitamin C and nail polish. An example update linked to “Top 25 Skincare & Beauty Books and Articles of 2010,” a thorough guide to the year’s most valuable beauty guides online.

Skincare Products covers everything from organic skincare to tanning products, with tips on ingredients and budget beauty. Fans can find out how to keep track of the lifespan of products, myths behind expensive formulas compared to drugstore brands, and pointers on creating flattering illusions using self-tanning products. Example post:

» Q: I’m looking for a bath product with aromatherapy benefits to reduce stress after work. What ingredients should I look for?

A: Embrace eucalyptus oil to soothe the spirit, Spearmint to clear your mind, vanilla to calm and comfort and lavender to help you relax and sleep better.

Skin Care & Beauty Products doesn’t stop at skincare. Discover links to “The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair” and “3 Antioxidants That Boost Your Skin,” plus “5 Common Skin Care Remedies Revealed.” With a particular emphasis on hair care, sun protection and anti-aging, this page can give anyone a much-needed beauty boost.

With updated information on products, ingredients, techniques and treatments, male and female Facebook users of all ages can find valuable information for attaining healthy hair, skin and body:

Beauty Zone offers tips for working professionals, with links to current articles like “Makeup Looks for the Office” and “10 Beauty Tips for the Business Traveler.” Fans can also find inspiring beauty quotes and information about professional treatments such as microdermabrasion and laser therapy, as well as electrolysis and other cosmetic procedures.

Beauty Secrets gives insights on lesser-known skin benefits, such as dry brushing and green tea. Unlock the secrets of great skin with tips on essential oils, natural acne treatments, antioxidants and more. Example post:

» Q: Can you recommend a good natural acne treatment for super sensitive skin?

A: Try honey. Naturally antibacterial, honey helps to clear acne while moisturizing and soothing the skin. Apply it directly to clean skin, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off. Use it as a spot treatment or all over as a mask.

Skin Care & Beauty Secrets delivers surprising facts about skincare ingredients, essential tips on skin cancer prevention and diagnosis, and links to anti-aging handbooks and FAQs.

Skin Care & Beauty Tips illuminates the potential risks of lifestyle choices such as smoking and caffeine and also offers tips and FAQs for refining an everyday beauty routine. Fans are welcome to post questions of their own, such as a recent inquiry about alternative treatments for hair loss. Men can benefit from posts as well: updates include tips on avoiding aftershave irritation and treatment for receding hairline.

With the addition of Facebook to its breadth of online influence, provides the benefits of expert beauty and skincare information to social networkers seeking solutions to a full range of issues. Whether the goal is improving wrinkles or treating a condition like rosacea, scars or hair loss,’s Facebook pages offer reliable answers to all of life’s beauty questions.

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