New Website Launched to Help Hemorrhoid Sufferers Looking for a Natural Hemorrhoids Cure

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An increasing number of people are looking for a natural hemorrhoids cure. This is evidenced by the number of visitors to a newly launched hemorrhoids consumer website.

Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

I am delighted that so many hemorrhoid sufferers are benefiting from natural remedies through our website.

A new website has been launched offering information for those looking for a natural hemorrhoids cure and is being flooded with visitors.

The number of people suffering from hemorrhoids (sometimes known as piles, or haemorrhoids in the UK) is increasing dramatically. Over 4 per cent of the population now is affected.

Hemorrhoids occurs when blood vessels around the anus become irritated, inflamed and enlarged. It has always been more common amongst the elderly population, and, so, with an aging society, there are naturally more sufferers.

However other trends have also led to an an increase in suffering, Being overweight puts more pressure on the abdomen and means there is a larger body that needs blood pumping around to the extremities. This all puts extra pressure on the delicate blood vessels near the rectum.

Poor diet, with insufficient roughage, also causes problems. Straining when defecating can severely aggravate hemorrhoids.

Even something as simple as fluid intake can be a cause. And many in today's society are not taking in sufficient fluids, particularly water. Dehydration can lead to harder stools, making them more difficult to pass, with the increased attendant risk of straining and hemorrhoids.

Many sufferers have spent considerable sums on over the counter treatments for hemorrhoids and have been very disappointed with the results.

The fact is that free or cheap natural hemorrhoids treatments have been helping sufferers for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese and Indian populations led the way and many of their better natural treatments are used in the west today.

So a new website dedicated to providing advice on natural treatments is well timed.

"I am delighted that so many hemorrhoid sufferers are benefiting from natural remedies through our website. There is no need to pay a lot of money to drugs companies when better treatments are available at little or no cost," said Andrew Chiles, the website owner.

Given the increasing number of sufferers looking for a natural treatment for hemorrhoids, the number of people being helped by the website is likely to increase.


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