Moody's: The Rocket City Ranks #1 for Employment Growth; Shows Huntsville, TurnKey Ventures To Be a Safe Investment

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There's a high quality of life in Huntsville, AL; Moody's asserts steady markets and long-term security.TurnKey Ventures in Huntsville AL is the who and where of the investment equation.

TurnKey Ventures is The Premier Real Estate Investment Company In Alabama

Huntsville is made of a combinationof highly skilled workers and technical gurus. When someone here tells youthey’re a rocket scientist, they’re not joking.

According to Moody's, Huntsville Alabama "The Rocket City" ranks #1 in the nation for employment growth during the recession. TurnKey Ventures in Huntsville Alabama offers a one-stop option to invest in this rapidly expanding city.

TurnKey Ventures in Huntsville AL. OK. Where is that?

Located a stones throw from the Tennessee River, Huntsville has become a mecca for elite tech companies such as Lockheed, Raytheon, and literally hundreds more. The Tech America Foundation recently found that Huntsville has the highest concentration of high-tech workers, 2nd only to San Jose's Silicon Valley. A burgeoning military base, with a low cost of living area and a high disposable income level make it an ideal place for families and small businesses as well.

Why does this matter? Why would an investor choose Huntsville to buy properties rather than say, an Atlanta or a Nashville?

“One of our biggest value propositions is that there is still an exit strategy here to sell to first-time home buyers," says Paul Pepe CEO of TurnKey Ventures a full-service turnkey real estate investment company in Huntsville, AL.

TurnKey Ventures buys undervalued but high quality houses; fully renovates the house as required, to include but not limited to: the roof, HVAC, carpet, appliances, paint, and major systems; screens and places qualified tenants in the house; sells the house to investors as an income producing asset; assists investors with closing attorney, insurance and financing; and provides in-house licensed property management. They are currently operating at a near perfect occupancy rate with zero turnover. More Here...

As in all markets, Huntsville did see some foreclosures, but nowhere near Atlanta or California. “We still have a retail resale market here,” Paul said. “I also think we have a market no one has ever heard of. We’re a classic mid-cap market that doesn’t get a lot of press. When people are looking at longterm investments in square feet properties, they need to think this is going to be a good property in a good place long-term. Are people attracted to this place? Is this going to be trendy because there’s a boom? People want to live here long-term because it’s an attractive place long-term. That’s what makes us different as opposed to investment in other markets.”

Pepe also meets an important test criterion for any investor: Turnkey Ventures manages properties first as an investor, then second as a property manager who remembers why they manage property. It is about urgency in process and maintaining occupancy for optimum portfolio and asset performance. There is roughly one property manager per 100 properties managing internally and investor owned properties identically. View Our Misson/Procedures Here...

"I would rather have a property with a lower cap rate but a lower turnover," says Pepe. "An eviction costs at least 3 months lost rent, attorney's fees, and a few thousand dollars to get the unit rent-ready again. It blows a hole in your financials that you wouldn't believe."

"I don't think most investors think that way." he says. It's all about cap rate right? They find a great rate but often don't pay attention to the quality of the area, the occupancy rates and the long term stability of company. That frequently proves to be a very costly mistake."

Ask around about Huntsville and you'll find most haven't heard of it, much less know that Huntsville, AL is cited by USA TODAY as " one of five communities leading the economic recovery. A wiser man than I once said, 'if you see a great opportunity, jump on it immediately and with everything you can pull together; real opportunity only happens a couple times in a man's life. Don't be like me and wish you would have done something but were too afraid to pull the trigger." Huntsville, Alabama is that opportunity and now is the time to go big. Don't let this be the opportunity you passed on and wish you had acted.


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