Leading Resource in Skin Care and Beauty Joins Twitter to Present the Latest in Beauty News, Reviews and Tips

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Skincare-News.com, the comprehensive site for beauty and skin care information, expands its industry’s influential presence on the Web to Twitter to provide skincare and beauty news for social networkers.

By adding Twitter to its online resources, Skincare-News.com provides the benefits of expert beauty and skincare information to social networkers seeking solutions to a full range of issues.

Skincare-News.com now offers beauty news, tips, FAQs and reviews through numerous Twitter sources, allowing beauty consumers constant and convenient access to intelligent beauty information.

Twitter posts offer links to Skincare-News.com’s extensive Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook, featuring answers to common beauty questions on acne, anti-aging, hair care, makeup and more. By launching multiple Twitter accounts, Skincare-News aims to distribute a wide range of information on the beauty issues that matter most, from natural beauty ingredients to sun protection and men’s skincare.

Learn the ins and outs of skin care through the diversity of Twitter media:

Skincare Expert example posts include links to recent articles on reinventing a summer beauty routine, tips on using natural ingredients such as aloe vera, and budget-friendly gift ideas. An April 25, 2011 tweet by Skincare Expert offered information on the benefits of light-based skincare therapy, with a link to a Skincare-News.com article reviewing the luxury anti-aging tool Baby Quasar MD. A June 21, 2011 tweet about preparing skin for summer linked to the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook on sun protection.


Twitter posts for Beauty FAQs feature quotes on beauty, health and fashion, plus questions like, “What’s a good natural acne treatment for super sensitive skin?” Answers are provided through links to the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook and articles at Skincare-News.com, such as “10 Beauty Tips for the Business Traveler.”


Skincare FAQs reveals the difference between a sunburn and sun poisoning, suggestions for revamping hair with five simple summer styles and makeup tips for the office. Both women and men of all ages can benefit from tweets about acne, permanent dye and ingredients to prevent premature aging. Content for posts are drawn from Skincare-News.com articles, FAQs and blog posts.


Beauty Questions addresses the benefits of antioxidants like ferulic acid, the safety of self-tanners and hair dye during pregnancy and how lifestyle choices like coffee affect the skin. Curious about state-of-the-art beauty treatments? Get valuable tips on anti-aging from the expert perspective, highlighting advances in skincare technology.


Skincare Tips can help broaden people’s horizons about methods and ingredients for skin care. Posts include information about body brushing, tips to “go green” with a beauty routine, easy summer skincare ideas for men and article links for solving acne issues and keeping skin safe during outdoor activities. Skincare Tips offers a refreshing take on beauty and skincare, emphasizing natural and budget options, and tips for men.


Skincare Secrets gives the low-down on natural, DIY summer beauty tips and how to protect skin from infection. Get solutions to everyday skincare issues like razor burn and crow’s feet for smooth, healthy, youthful skin. Want to unlock other skincare secrets? Become a follower and ask questions directly for intelligent answers to any of life’s beauty issues.


SkincareBeautyTips understands that the beauty basics are just as important as mastering the art of makeup and hair. Get beautiful from the inside out by learning which foods foster healthy skin, plus head-to-toe tips on hair styling, organic skincare, at-home pedicures and more. One FAQ reads, “I’ve read that I’m not supposed to put sunblock on my infant until he is 6 months old. What do I do at the beach?” Get practical, reliable answers for anything ranging from DIY to professional treatments.


Beauty Zone gives followers information on season-specific skincare, such as sunburn prevention and avoiding sweat stains in the heat, beach-inspired beauty and budget-friendly summer skincare tips. Other updates include FAQs about rosacea and post-birth control acne, plus information about scars (how they form and how to treat them). No question is too big, baffling or embarrassing for the Beauty Zone.


Beauty Secrets shares key facts about skincare and beauty, with topics ranging from treating stretch marks to skin cancer screenings, birth marks, athlete’s foot and the anti-aging and acne treatment retinol. Follow this Twitter account for up-to-date information on anti-aging, skin conditions and all things beauty-related. Followers can find out that the secrets to beauty lie in simple, everyday steps to healthy skin—with a particular emphasis on caring for aging skin and not falling for the “quick fix” hype in anti-aging skincare.


Twitter followers receive expert tips on caring for skin, hair and body, featuring updates on anti-aging, acne, skincare ingredients, makeup, cosmetic procedures and natural options for healthy, beautiful skin. Followers can boost their knowledge of beauty and skincare from the comfort of home without sacrificing time or money.

By adding Twitter to its online resources, Skincare-News.com provides the benefits of expert beauty and skincare information to social networkers seeking solutions to a full range of issues. Whether the goal is improving wrinkles or treating a condition like acne, hair loss or rosacea, Skincare-News.com’s Twitter accounts offer reliable answers to all of life’s beauty questions.

About Skincare-News.com – “Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care”

Skincare-News.com is the online source for consumers seeking intelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles. Founded in 2005, Skincare-News.com features articles, news items and frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty-related issues. Skincare-News.com is located in Sacramento, California, but receives visitors from all around the world. For more information, visit http://www.skincare-news.com.


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