SmartCans Provides Consumers With an Effective Method for Keeping Animals and Children From Coming in Contact With Garbage

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SmartCans comprises a set of vacuum-sealed garbage cans designed to slow the process of garbage decay.

Keep the critters out and the garbage in.

Kenneth Pounder, long time artist and family man, announces the unveiling of his latest development: The SmartCans.

Although The SmartCans promises to change the way household refuse is handled forever, it comes on the heels of tragic loss. A mother and her two toddlers were out one morning when a bear, attracted by the odor from outside garbage containers, came into the yard, killing one of the young children. Because this happened so close to Kenneth’s house and because he had toddlers of his own, he vowed to find a way to keep anything like this from ever happening again.So was born The SmartCans.

The SmartCans uses intuitive technology to keep the garbage and odors in the Can and anything else (including unwanted guests) outside the Can. Its special features allow access to the Can only when the owner so desires, and by its natural design minimizes decay and bacteria.

More information on The SmartCans is posted on their official website:

“The SmartCans ” is a trademark of Kenneth Pounder and affiliates with patents pending in the U.S. and applications pending abroad.

Purpose of the Invention:

Patent Pending SmartCans is designed to securely house garbage while delaying the decaying process. This innovative product features a set of indoor and outdoor garbage cans containing solar panels or batteries, digital locks and timers, and a top lid with a valve for creating a vacuum seal. Users may simply place garbage inside of the cans and set times for the locks to activate and release. Upon locking, the lids may become vacuum-sealed to the cans. Using this product may prevent indoor and outdoor animals and children from coming in contact with refuse.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Garbage cans may serve as breeding grounds for decay, mold, bacteria, and other harmful items. Outdoor animals and pets may be attracted to garbage, and therefore may access the garbage and spread it around. This can be dangerous for any individuals who attempt to clean up the spilled garbage. Children may also wander over to garbage cans and, unaware of any danger, collect germs and bacterial while rooting through the trash. An effective, preventative solution is necessary.

Detailed Description

SmartCans provides consumers with an effective method for keeping animals and children from coming in contact with garbage. The invention may comprise a set of indoor and outdoor garbage cans designed to lock securely at designated times. The outdoor can may have solar panels on the top of the lid, as well as a digital timer and lock with an LED screen, which can be set to activate and deactivate at specific times designated by the user. The underside of the lid can have metal latches designed secure to the garbage can upon activation. These latches may be released at the designated time by the timer, or they may be released when the user manually presses a button on the top of the lid. A series of holes can also be included at the top of the lids. Upon locking, the lids may become vacuum-sealed to the cans, due to the aforementioned holes. The indoor model can be identical to the outdoor model, except that the lid may not have solar panels and can instead be battery-powered. The exact specifications may vary.



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