A Recycled and Resusable Cat Litter Gains Traction as an Environmentally Friendly Alternative

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During these tough economic times, EnviroKats has developed a revolutionary cat litter that is totally reusable. In addition to saving the consumer a considerable amount of money, EnviroKats lessens the burden on our Planet through recycling as well removing billions of pounds of cat waste deposited in landfills annually.

I am from Winnipeg, Canada and I met you at a cat show in Phoenix. I have tried the litter box since April and like it quite a lot. I would now like to purchase more boxes and maybe distribute them in Manitoba. Please let me know if this is possible

EnviroKats is pleased to announce a new cat litter that is made from 100% recycled tires. Strange as that may sound this product is made from the same material used in children's playgrounds today.

The idea behind EnviroKats came one day when new tires needed to be purchased. A $2.50 per tire disposal fee for the old tires was added to the price of the new tires. While it did not seem like a high price for disposal, it did bring to mind the high cost associated with tire disposal and our environment. It is estimated that 300 million tires are disposed of annually in the U.S. alone. While some are recycled the vast majority are placed in landfills or storage, creating an environmentally catastrophic fire hazard.

Cat waste is an entirely different environmental challenge. With the 90 million cats that are in the U.S. it is estimated that 8 billion pounds of cat waste are dumped in landfills yearly. The majority of this waste is the clumping type--a type of litter that is made mainly from the practice of strip-mining our lands. Unknown risks associated with this type of litter include, from the clumping material itself, to the heavy dust that is inhaled by pets and humans alike.

EnviroKats found the need for a product that would greatly reduce these environmental concerns, as well as greatly reduce the cost of cat litter to the consumer. On the environmental front, each unit equals approximately 1 1/4 tires that would otherwise be disposed of. The product is reused, preventing it from being another pile in the landfill. On the economic front, the original test home of EnviroKats was spending $50/month on cat litter for 6 indoor cats. Eight months passed without and additional litter purchases after putting EnviroKats to the test, saving this home a tremendous amount of money.

EnviroKats--American Recycled/American Made.

About EnviroKats
EnviroKats is an Arizona based company. The concept was developed by John King in early 2010 and tested in home for the balance of the year. Sales of the product began in December of 2010.

For more information on the EnviroKats system, please visit the website at http://www.EnviroKats.com


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