New Comic/Game/Anime Style Video Series Hits Youtube

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A new free-to-view web series called Redeem has begun on; it's a unique anime/game/comic style series with Episodes 0 (prologue) and 1 just created.

Redeem, a new unique created comic/anime/game style video series created by a game designer, features unique characters from other times and worlds (originally introduced in the creator's RPG on his free server), each with their own powers and personalities, fighting against Satan's forces in the year 2039. This web series will be free for all to view.

Redeem's characters come from the designer's own free RPG (role-playing video game) at, but is also its own series which can be viewed seperately, with a prologue (episode 0) introducing the characters and describing the events that led up to the current story. These events take place in our distant future, long after the apocalypse, a time with many worlds that contain human life. The main eight heroes (which form a group called The Paladins) fight against Satan and his forces in this time, and each have a strong, distinctive personality--

-- Nima, the zealous elf
-- Fion, the confident human
-- Ensi, the compassionate fairy
-- Gallo, the pirate dwarf
-- Vinx, the brilliant but tough-as-nails catgirl
-- Surne, the psychic werewolf bounty hunter
-- Aka, the angel and behind-the-scenes leader
-- Rayze, the star of Redeem, a former villian who joined the Paladins only later into the RPG. She was killed 100 years by a group of Satan worshippers and forced under their control as an undead, being made to help them commit murders in their quest to gain enough power to summon Satan. (Satan is eventually summoned, but defeated by the Paladins at the end of the RPG).

Once Rayze is saved by the Paladins, however, she has to live with the memories of her deeds as an undead, and wishes to redeem herself from what she was controlled to do. This is where the story of Redeem begins. Rayze uses a time travel spell to go back in time to the pre-apocalyptic year of 2039 to do what the Paladins call "superhero work", which in this case entails defeating seven powerful demons while also being pursued by Satan himself in this time for his own plots. Rayze's powers include witchcraft, manipulating shadows, and more. Aka (being an angel who went undercover to help humans then) assists her in this episodes, with other Paladins coming back in time to help her in future episodes.

Redeem is a fun video original series project worked on by just one person ("Psycrow") with the help of Angel, who voice acts the star. The sprite-based, comic-style visuals are new, unique, and enjoyed by all viewers who have given feedback thus far. The series will be free at and all are welcome to view. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the quick creation of future episodes has also been created at and will remain open until August 15th.


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