Sales Tips: What a Best-Selling Sales Author Learned From Watching "House MD"

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Leading sales author Frank Rumbauskas explains a simple but very powerful sales tip he gleaned form his favorite television show, House MD, and his favorite band, Rush.

If you watch the TV show "House MD" then you know that about three-fourths into each episode, Dr. House will get his "lightbulb moment" and just walk away from whoever he's talking to mid-conversation.

It's because the solution to that episode's medical problem popped into his head.

Frank Rumbauskas, author of the New York Times best-seller Never Cold Call Again and several other books, says it happened to him yesterday.

"I was thinking about my favorite band Rush and how they tried the total opposite strategy of any other band. Instead of releasing an album and then selling it with a tour, they did half a tour, released two new singles, did the other half of the tour, and are now going back to complete the rest of the new album."

The reason is that a big tour is practically two years of playing daily onstage, Rumbauskas explains, and after all that practice, their playing is better than ever, as opposed to coming into the studio after a year off when they're rusty.

Frank continues, "Of course, the two singles they released in the interim are very good, leading me to wonder if they will even have to tour after this new album to promote it. The two singles have done the job already."

Which led him to his "Dr. House" moment:

"When I used to sell large business solutions, our strategy was to go in and analyze every aspect of the prospect's systems, find holes where they were potentially losing customers and revenue, and then propose a new solution, complete with all the details of how we were going to fix the existing problems.

"However, many rookies in our office were afraid to do this. We were the most expensive provider, and they feared that the prospect would simply take our proposal down the street to a low-cost provider and get it built for 1/3 our price.

"But let's look at what every band in the world does when they release a new album: Sure, the album is for sale, but they release one or two songs as singles, for radio stations to play for free, in unlimited amounts."

Which songs are those according to Frank? He says they're always the best ones on the album!

As he explains, "These bands are smart: They're not making millions by withholding their best stuff. They let the world listen to their best stuff for free - and then people come back and buy the rest."

Frank says the same was true in his old sales job. By showing a sales prospect his best solution, without any obligation to buy it, they would be so happy and impressed that they gladly bought from him anyway.

And that's what it's all about - getting people to buy, instead of fighting through objections and trying to "sell" or "close" them.

Rumbauskas concludes, "If you're worried about 'giving away the store' or otherwise fear that prospects will take advantage of you by running off with your best suggestions or solutions, forget it. Show them the BEST you have and you can rest assured that they will stick around and eagerly BUY from you!"


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