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Online divorce has become overwhelmingly popular in western countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Despite historically low divorce rates in the 1% range, divorce in India is growing - especially in the cities and technology centers., the website that launched the first online divorce site in 2002, has recently expanded its offerings to India.

After nearly ten years of successful use by divorcing couples in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and several islands of the Caribbean, an online divorce service is now being offered to relatively cooperative divorcing couples in India by online divorce pioneer,

The divorce rate in India remains among the lowest in the world with one in one hundred marriages ending in divorce. Although cultural, social, religious and familial barriers to divorce remain strong in India, the divorce rate is rising – primarily in the cities and among young professionals in India.

For example, the divorce rate in Delhi has almost doubled in recent years. Even Agro based states like Punjab and Haryana are now seeing an increase of 150% of divorce rate since the last decade. Kerala, known to be the most literate state has experienced an increase of divorce rate by 350% in the last 10 years. ⁰

With more women in the workplace reaching higher levels of financial and social independence, such women are less willing to bear an unhappy situation indefinitely and are more likely to divorce than prior generations of women in India.

Consumers of online divorce services are typically young, professional couples who wish to amicably divorce. If there are minor children in the marriage, younger couples see the wisdom of maintaining a positive, cooperative relationship for the best interests of the children. It has been established that children of divorced parents fare almost as well as children of intact families in terms of mental, physical and emotional health if their divorcing parents speak to and of each other in a positive manner, have regular contact with the children (the younger the child, the shorter the interval between time with each parent) and are able to cooperate in making decisions that are in the best interests of their children. ₁

Couples using an online divorce service such as are likely to do so to avoid the time and expense of having two lawyers handle their entire divorce, and who wish to cut down on the emotional toll that divorce creates for the parties, their children and extended families.

The price for a complete online divorce package in India is Rs. 6730. Users get unlimited use of the site, so they can continue to make changes until the Agreement is mutually acceptable. The filing forms specific to each religious group in India are included in the package.

The site has been customized for India, including items for consideration for parents regarding sharing the children for major religious and secular holidays. Specific religious holidays are included for Hindus, Muslims and Christians (Jewish holidays are also, included although the population of Jews is very small in India.)

The parties are also encouraged to enter into agreements concerning sharing information and decision-making regarding education, health care, religion, and after school activities of the minor children. Studies show that couples who reach decisions cooperatively while divorcing are more likely to reach amicable solutions when differences arise after the divorce. So, the thrust of the site is to encourage parents to work towards mutually agreeable decisions regarding the health, welfare and activities of the children and to encourage maximum involvement of both parents with the children after the divorce. also guides divorcing couples to divide their assets and debts in a mutually agreeable way. The parties follow a series of self-guided forms to assign bank accounts, retirement accounts, vehicles, real estate, etc., to the person who will be taking possession of the asset or debt after the divorce. The online process is simple and intuitive in its design. Once the couple has completed the online forms, they print out the resulting documents that are created from the information entered. The filing forms are completed and all is properly signed.

Once the parties have completed and signed all documents, it is recommended that each spend one hour with separate lawyers, who review the draft Agreement from each parties’ point of view to make sure it is in each person’s best interests. The couple then submits all completed documents to the Court in their city or town. In any event, the divorcing couple will save thousands of rupees, months (if not years) in time, and many hours of anguish and stress by using the online divorce website.

Further questions may be answered by contacting support(at)ourdivorceagreement(dot)com.

₁ Surviving the Breakup, Judith Wallerstein.


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