All-New Wonder-Top Sock Hailed Cushiest, Comfiest Sock Ever; Revolutionary Design Pampers the 7 of 10 Men with Problems Tolerating Conventional Socks

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Introducing a revolutionary designed, Wide Stretch, Soft Grip Top and an inventive mix of hypoallergenic fibers, the all-new Wonder-Top sock is hailed the cushiest, comfiest sock ever. Designed to soothe and pamper the surprising 70% of men who have problems tolerating highly elasticized, conventional socks – from diabetes and edema caused swollen lower legs to "jock" calves, "cankles," and allergies to elastic fibers. For the other 30% of Mankind, Wonder-Top delivers sublime foot comfort.

Every once in a while an all new breakthrough comes along that’s so revolutionary it catapults an entire product category from its horse and buggy stage into its space age. Therein the result of the hi-tech knitting breakthrough that not only rendered New York’s British Apparel Collection its revolutionary new, non-elastic Wonder-Top miracle sock but also rocketed the entire genre of men's socks into their own space age. While the hi-tech breakthrough ranks as rocket science, the result of the rocket science is nothing but serenely pampered, foot comfort.

Walking bi-pedal is what separates us from Mother Nature’s critters. Tells why socks – and not just any socks, but cush and comfy socks that coddle your feet in a pillow-like cocoon – are so critically important to everyday creature comfort. Therein the rationale for Wonder Top sock quest.

Until the Wonder-Top miracle sock debuted this year, the design of mens socks had remained little changed for more than half a century; that was when Dupont introduced Nylon in the late1940s and gave rubber its walking papers.

Hailed the "cushiest, comfiest sock ever," by consumers and retailers, alike, the Wonder-Top miracle sock’s biggest challenge to date has been shaking off its dubiously named, Wonder-Top moniker, a brand name more suggestive of a Fredericks of Hollywood cleavage heaving pushup bra than a rocket-science spawned sock.

Wonder-Top’s lingerie inferences aside, its knit design and fiber composition boast a bevy of foot pampering benefits that contribute to its crown as the world’s "cushiest, comfiest sock ever."

Extra-wide, non-elasticized top that cinches the sock to the calf and ankle is top of the list.

Think an extra wide, non-elasticized top is no big deal? Ask the 7 in 10 American men – that’s right, 70% – who report some sort of problem tolerating the vice grip tight top of men’s socks, the heavily elasticized, 2" top part of a sock called a "cuff." To them, Wonder-Top’s over-sized, non-elasticized wide stretch top ranks a God-send, if not a miracle. For the other 30%, Wonder-Top delivers an unrivaled level of sublime comfort that conventional socks can’t begin to match.

For some, Wonder-Top’s wide stretch top resolves a problem as simple as swollen ankles and calves caused by frequent airline flying. For others, the equally simple but still pesky problem is an allergic reaction to synthetic stretch fibers, whether Lycra or any one of several synthetic elasticized yarns, rubber based elastics, included. For still others, the Wonder-Top sock shoos-away a handful of genetically inherited issues, from Schwarzenegger-sized, jock-calves to stove pipe "cankles," calves that don’t narrow at the ankle.

But it’s today’s rocketing rate of diabetes and the swollen calves and ankles that come with it – along with the same swollen calves and ankles caused by edema or venous insufficiency that, everyday, are growing more common as baby boomers reach their mid-60s – that are the two top reasons more and more men can’t tolerate the vice grip strangle hold of conventionally designed, elasticized top socks.

British Apparel’s Wonder-Top sock works its comfort soothing magic in three different ways: (1) Partly by ingenious knitting techniques; (2) partly by an innovative redesign of the sock itself; and (3) partly by altering the fiber mix of men’s socks. Blend together the trio of elements in just the right proportions and voila, there-in the Wonder-Top sock’s magic elixir.

And don’t dare think that just because it’s the world’s cushiest, comfiest sock that the Wonder-Top has fuddy-duddy, geezer looks. Just the opposite. The Wonder-Top is every bit as stylish as any of the priciest luxury socks. Like a stylishly designed, Ferrari, all its horsepower is stowed under the hood.

For starters, Wonder-Top eliminates Lycra and rubber as well as rubber-like elastics, all of which can cause allergic reactions. In their place, it subs creped nylon. Beside hypoallergenic, nylon delivers a bigger bang for the buck, thanks to being far more durable than either Lycra or rubberized elastics. That means a longer lasting sock as well as a sock that can withstand repeated washings and hi-temp dryers without flinching an eye.

Nylon is also softer and less abrasive to the skin, which eliminates the itching and skin irritations sometimes caused by Lycra and other elastics. It also takes color better than other synthetic yarns. That means a brighter and more vibrantly colored socks as well as pattern motifs that are visually crisper and far better defined, whether Argyles or dots.

Creped nylon – think a curly strand of hair – is Wonder-Top’s fiber finale. Though more costly than linear nylon, the use of crepe delivers a softer stretch as well as a more elongated stretch. Creped nylon, in other words, is a double dip of stretch: First the curls first straighten out. Then, the added stretch in the nylon, itself, kicks-in.

Innovative re-design of the sock itself is second on British Apparel’s three part equation. For starters, the visually obvious makeover is a doubling of the height of the "cuff," sock talk for the heavily elasticized top section that keeps the sock securely suspended. Rather than the standard, 2" cuff, the Wonder-Top cuff stands 4" tall. Instead of packing-in gobs of highly concentrated, elasticized fibers into just 2 inches, Wonder-Top’s double-tall, 4" cuff dramatically slashes the amount of nylon needed by ingeniously spreading its job description over twice as much as territory. Less nylon spread over twice the turf means a softer, but equally secure, grip that doesn’t hinder blood circulation or dig into the skin, causing itching and irritating skin rashes.

Third and final ploy is a proprietary knitting architecture in the cuff itself that keeps the top securely locked at the calf and prevents it from sliding down the leg then slouching around the ankles.

In spite of stylishly good looks that would make even an Italian fashion czar swoon -- and despite its rep as the world’s cushiest, comfiest sock, ever – a pair of Wonder-Top socks doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Biggest surprise, if not it’s biggest miracle, is that at under $30 each, Wonder-Top socks retail for about the same as any top, luxury brand sock.

About The British Apparel Collection, Ltd.:
Based in New York and founded in 1973 by British expatriate, John Mendez, the near-40-year-old, still family owned company is today helmed by CEO, Simon Mendez. Specializing in luxury niched men’s furnishings and accessories, the multi-faceted British Apparel Collection is both licensor and licensee, produces a wide array of private label merchandise on behalf of top specialty retailers and boasts several internationally recognized proprietary and licensed brands, including Punto, J.M. Dickens of London and Robert Graham.

Headquartered in Elmsford, New York, at One Westchester Plaza, zip code is 10523. Telephone for corporate, administrative and sales offices, as well as CEO Simon Mendez, is 914-345-0330. 800 number for sales and customer service is 800-451-3985. Website is

Mr. Simon Mendes
CEO, The British Apparel Collection

Mr. Andy Stinson
Stinson/R. Ely & Partners

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