MessageSolution Releases Unified eDiscovery Suite, Integrated with Award-Winning Enterprise Email, File and SharePoint Archive at Microsoft World Partner Conference 2011

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MessageSolution, the global technology leader in enterprise information archiving, eDiscovery, compliance, storage management and email platform migration, with its profound email platform knowledge of Microsoft technologies built on a decade-long partnership with Microsoft, providing for a complete integration from Exchange 5.5 to 2010, Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2011, and SharePoint 2003 to 2010

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MessageSolution, Inc., the global technology leader in enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery, announced today the release of Enterprise eDiscovery Suite, a unified eDiscovery solution integrated with MessageSolution’s award-winning Enterprise Email, File System and SharePoint Archive at Microsoft World Partner Conference 2011 at Los Angeles Convention Center. With this advanced eDiscovery product release, MessageSolution enters a new era of a decade-long partnership with Microsoft, based on its intimate knowledge of Microsoft’s Exchange Server, Outlook client integration, Windows file server, Office Communication Server (OCS), Lync Server 2010 and instant messaging, as well as SharePoint platforms.

“Our expertise with Microsoft technology puts us ahead of the pack in offering an enterprise-class eDiscovery solution which is fully integrated with our email, file system and SharePoint archiving systems for both enterprise on-premise solution and cloud-driven services,” said Kevin McInerney, MessageSolution Global Strategist. “In organizations’ legal discovery process today, the court not only requires the corporate emails but also the files on Windows file servers along with SharePoint files in a company’s SharePoint environment. Our eDiscovery solution minimized legal team’s workload by streamline its case management and legal review processes on email, file, and SharePoint file with an all-in-one eDiscovery case management solution.”

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, MessageSolution’s product development team has achieved the following:

  • Fully support Outlook 2011 MAC Entourage (the first Outlook 2011 integration in the market)
  • Fully support Exchange 2010 (First Exchange 2010 Web Service Protocol Integration in the market for both On-Premise and Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery implementations)
  • Providing a complete advanced eDiscovery solution for Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 2010, SharePoint 2003 – 2010, and File Systems
  • A complete integration with Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 (With “0” footprint on Exchange consuming “0” resource on Exchange Server)
  • Fully support Windows Server 2008 64-bit Platform (The first in the market 64-bit enterprise-class archiving application)

MessageSolution provides following core technologies for Microsoft Partners:

Enterprise Archiving Suite for Exchange, File System and SharePoint: As a Microsoft Gold Partner, MessageSolution delivered the first in the market Exchange 2010 Web Services integrated archiving platform at Microsoft WinConnections in November 2009. MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive operates within an organization’s network firewalls and connects to the Exchange server via WebDAV or CDO to capture and archive email based on the company preferred settings. Emails are captured, compressed and de-duplicated using single instance storage (SIS) prior to being archived. This process reduces the storage requirements of the archiving server by an average of 75%. The real-time mailbox management feature reduces Exchange information storage for over 90% by creating a transparent link in the user mailbox.

Enterprise File System and SharePoint Archives are built in the same UI with the email archiving system and built onto the same hardware server configuration, providing the system administrator a conveniently centralized administration console to manage and operate all email, file document and SharePoint archiving/eDiscovery tasks. The end user is able to conveniently review and search his/her own personal archive for email, file and SharePoint file with one UI.

Enterprise eDiscovery Suite for Email, File System, SharePoint: MessageSolution eDiscovery Suite key features include: Case Management, Early Case Assessment, Culling, Legal Review, Litigation Hold, Collaboration and Data Redaction. The eDiscovery Suite is fully integrated with MessageSolution Enterprise Archive, which pinpoints, captures and retrieves email, file, SharePoint file on or offline for live court presentation or deposition process, and places Litigation Hold on all archived emails and file documents throughout entire organization. MessageSolution eDiscovery Suite streamlines data collection for email and file from Exchange, File servers and SharePoint environments for processing, analysis, cull-down, and review phases of eDiscovery for legal cases. Legal team uses the eDiscovery system’s culling capabilities to prune large datasets to much smaller and more relevant ones.

Legal counsel and corporate compliance officer can also utilize the built-in Data Redaction function to fully prepare organizations for further document processing in a legal proceeding, to enable organizations to meet civil litigation process, HIPAA, PHI, PHI and PCI-DSS compliance requirements for custodians’ privacy protection and to activate an automated leak-prevention protocol for corporate intelligence protection in an external audit process. First among all enterprise archiving providers in the market MessageSolution Enterprise eDiscovery Suite offers Data Redaction function, while other market archiving providers still need to partner with a special eDiscovery vendor to offer its data redaction solution, with a raised cost yet not able to provide a streamlined solution performance and technical support.

MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform for Microsoft Hosted Exchange: Compatible with Microsoft Multi-Tenant Hosted Exchange, MessageSolution’s multi-tenant Archiving Platform allows managed service providers (MSP) or educational school districts to deliver a centralized archiving system on a cost-effective single hardware configuration with multiple archives and administration roles for organizations with their own individual archives. Leveraging MessageSolution’s top industry scalability records, MSP partners are able to archive tens of thousands users on a single server to minimize hardware cost and to efficiently leverage MSP’s existing service-hosting capacity and datacenter infrastructure to provide SME and organizations around the world a cost-effective yet feature-rich archiving and eDiscovery solution. Multiple school districts have also successfully deployed MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform with a single archiving system to offer dozens of school districts with their own separated archives, hence each school district has its own archive to meet the compliance and eDiscovery requirements.

SharePoint Backup & Restore: The original Microsoft SharePoint built-in recovery tools require a separate recovery farm. When using these tools to recover items, the associated metadata - such as date, time stamps, the records of who checked-in the document - can be modified. The data integrity is not maintained with these built-in recovery tools in SharePoint environment. MessageSolution SharePoint Archive delivers granular level of restore functions including document, folder and site, with a secured and non-tampered data-processing methodology to preserve 100% data integrity.
PST File Management: Enterprise Email Archive contains a PST File Migration Utility that allows the administrator to import users’ local archive files into the network archive. Once PST files are in Enterprise Email Archive’s system, administrators can assign the PSTs to a repository or user. This is especially useful if an employee that has left the company, but management needs to retain that user’s PST files for use by another employee. PST File Export Utility would effectively assist legal team for a fast document collection under case-driven court mandates.

Outlook Integration: Enterprise Email Archive’s default archive access pathway is an intuitive web interface. However, Enterprise Email Archive Suite Edition offers additional archive access options, it integrates with users’ Outlook client via MSI Installer, allowing Enterprise Suite Edition users to access and search their archive conveniently from within their Outlook with a complete transparent user experience with no extra login or click. The Outlook Integration generates “0” footprint on Exchange server, consuming “0” resource on Exchange server and providing automated email server storage reduction, with only a tiny shot-cut link operating in user’s mailbox. The Outlook Integration also provides off line archive access, as well as mobile archive access from mobile devices such as BlackBerrys and PDAs.

Private Cloud: MessageSolution Enterprise Archive SaaS Edition is an all-in-one live archiving and eDiscovery solution for email, file and SharePoint available for organizations of all sizes. MessageSolution’s award winning Enterprise Email Archive software as a service (SaaS) edition is for enterprise storage management, compliance, eDiscovery and litigation support. Businesses can implement MessageSolution SaaS Edition for Exchange, Domino, GroupWise and Linux-based environments. SaaS archiving service allows businesses to implement a best-of-breed archiving and eDiscovery solution in record time with minimal associated upfront costs.

Enterprise Email Cross-Platform Migration System: MessageSolution Enterprise Email Cross-Platform Migration System offers the organizations the ability to move from GroupWise, Domino and Exchange in any direction. Typically considered a daunting task, MessageSolution consolidates steps, provides for compliance and achieves an efficient, high-value migration experience.
MessageSolution Innovations Compliment Microsoft Partners: MessageSolution’s signature technology is found in enterprise information archiving with its scalability records in the industry for over 20,000 users in a single archiving server and 100,000 and more users on a clustered-archiving environment.

“Our flexibility to scale and product development history with Microsoft continues to contribute to a long-term, profitable relationship with our mutual Microsoft global partners.” McInerney continued. “In addition to our enterprise on-premise and Cloud archiving solutions, our leading-edge multi-tenant archiving platform for Microsoft Hosted Exchange is also being implemented by Microsoft partners around the world.”

About MessageSolution, Inc.        
Founded in 2004, MessageSolution is headquartered in Milpitas, California with operations in North America, Europe, Africa and China. Independent and innovative, MessageSolution, Inc. offers award winning enterprise information archiving, eDiscovery, and email cross-platform migration solutions for compliance, electronic discovery litigation support, and storage management as on-premise and Cloud-driven software and platform as a service solutions for organizations and partners around the world.


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