Dahn & Leahy LLP launches OIKOS Software featuring Delos™.

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A financial breakthrough from OIKOS Software. Is there really lightning in a bottle? We say YES.

OIKOS Delos™ is designed to accurately report Days Sales Outstanding (DSO); tossing away the traditional metric formula and granulating to a level of data that will arm CFOs & Treasurers with substantive real facts. The term ‘Cash is King’ refers to the importance of cash flow in the overall fiscal health of a business. DSO is an essential and critical financial metric that, if applied correctly, will yield a powerful message. Unless CFOs & Treasurers are able to convert accounts receivable and other current assets to cash quickly, he/she could face being technically bankrupt despite a positive net worth. Having a large amount of accounts receivable and low cash on the balance sheet causes CFO/Treasurer heartburn.

Investopedia defines DSO “as a measure of the average number of days that a company takes to collect revenue after a sale has been made. A low DSO number means that it takes a company fewer days to collect its accounts receivable. A high DSO number shows that a company is selling its product to customers on credit and taking longer to collect money. Due to the high importance of cash in running a business, it is in a company's best interest to collect outstanding receivables as quickly as possible. By quickly turning sales into cash, a company has the chance to put the cash to use again - ideally, to reinvest and make more sales. The DSO can be used to determine whether a company is trying to disguise weak sales, or is generally being ineffective at bringing money in.”

OIKOS Delos™ measures DSO in a manner that enables businesses to analyze specific attributes of their business and define; a customer, a territory, a collector, a sales person, product or lines of products, a segment, and a currency….etc. A business can target a level of DSO and OIKOS Delos™ will calculate the cash collection required to achieve the target and percentage of accounts receivable collected against the target. This unique process is achieved by absorbing revenue streams with specified days per month, attributable to the definitions input to the program. The program also measures actual cash collection against DSO target and can calculate actual DSO. The reports and charts are printable and downloadable to PDF or Excel formats.

OIKOS Delos™ solution resolves three key components - 1) It calculates DSO correctly which is used to report to an audit committee, a bank(s), private investors and health of balance sheet shown to stock analysts; 2) Identifies heartburn within the cash conversion cycle that need immediate attention; and 3) Provides senior management with real facts of current and future cash position so strategic business decisions can be made; i.e. reinvestment into critical functions of the business.

The effectiveness of the OIKOS Delos™ measurement leads to business process improvements, accurate budgeting/planning for cash injected in critical areas such as Capital Expenditures, Research & Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Planning and Marketable Securities.

“In the current economic climate, accurate cash reporting is paramount. Businesses can realize significant benefits by using OIKOS Delos™, D&L's SaaS financial management solution. OIKOS Delos™ securely provides an online Windows financial advanced capability solution without requiring traditional on-premises deployment or maintenance - simply access and you're ready to go. We don’t just deliver our application over the internet; we are part of the internet,” said Janice Leahy, Partner at Dahn & Leahy LLP.

D&L is a consultative professional resource based in New England with strength and expertise at providing international tactical and strategic support in the areas of tax, treasury, and international trade. With the addition of OIKOS Delos™, D&L has expanded its business practice to include software technology. D&L is creating an OIKOS™ software solutions suite; future software applications are under development. D&L exists to protect and maximize a company's assets with the highest integrity.

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