Ray J Shopping for a Mens Diamond Ring at the Legendary Avianne & Co Jewelers

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Ray J puts Avianne & Co Jewelers to the test when he drops by to pick up a Black Diamond Pinky Ring. Available online, AvianneAndCo.com is the leading source of Mens Diamond Pinky Rings.

I need that! - Ray J

Ray J definitely knows what he wants when it comes to Mens Diamond Rings.

When Ray J dropped by Avianne & Co Jewelers, the sales team knew it was time to pull out some of the more exclusive custom diamond ring designs. Dealing with big named clients has always been a specialty at Avianne & Co. Many jewelers in this industry find it difficult to cater to celebrities due to their picky nature when it comes to shopping. Although most other brand name jewelers are involved in simple endorsements with artists and entertainers, the custom design team at Avianne & Co prefer to do direct business with customers no matter how famous. It takes a certain level of patience and sales skill to work with a prominent artist such as Ray J. Fortunately, it seems that the man was easy to deal with - and despite a bit of negotiation, within a few minutes he had selected an outstanding black and white gold diamond ring from the 2011 line of Diamond Pinky Rings.
Totalling over 3.00 carats in diamonds, the black diamond skull ring Ray J chose was a one of a kind item. So in case people are wondering if its available, unfortunately it isn't. However, buyers can still log onto the Avianne & Co website and build their own Custom Pinky Ring.

Building a Custom Diamond Ring at Avianne & Co is simple. The online diamond jewelry catalog is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. It is in this way that the staff is able to work with customers on a global level while maintaining the same level of understanding and personality a client would receive when placing an order in person. Most online diamond jewelry stores lack a certain level of "character." As a family operated unit, the sales staff and customer service representatives at Avianne & Co carry themselves in a very "old school" manner, applying real world service to an e-Commerce environment. As seen in the video, the jewelers work one on one with clients to meet both quality and budget as requested. It is in this way that Avianne & Co Jewelers have led the fine jewelry industry for over 10 years in the art of building Diamond Rings for Men.

In the case of Ray J's order, the custom design team had used high grade round cut black diamonds, known as AAA-cut. The high cut grade of these black diamonds ensures that they emit the maximum luster and shine, when set in black rhodium plated white gold, or 14k yellow gold. In the constant effort to bring new ideas and techniques to the world of fine jewelry, Avianne & Co Jewelers have introduced a new line of Black PVD plated diamond jewelry, which Mr Ray J took view of personally. PVD stands for Phyiscal Vapor Deposition, a method of color modification which allows metals such as gold and stainless steel to be changed to various colors which do not occur naturally. Expert craftsmen select only the finest irradiated and natural Black diamonds, blue diamonds, and yellow diamonds in the creation of the exclusive Multi Colored Diamond Rings, which then undergo specific color PVD treatments to complete customization.

Avianne & Co Jewelers takes the once simple art of producing Men's Pinky Rings to an entirely new level. Whether customers are shopping for a classic Men's Diamond Pinky Ring or trying to build a custom diamond ring, one can find everything needed to stand out. Often times Hip Hop artists shop at Aviannes because of extravagant designs and the team's unmatched ability to produce entirely custom diamond jewelry to their specifications. With the launch of our website, users are finally able to take advantage of these capabilities and bring their wildest dreams to life. The beautiful thing about the custom jewelry trade is that a client is in full control of their budget, and can adjust size, quality, and weight of their finished product based on financial limitation. One thing is limitless, however, and thats the ability to produce anything a customer desires. Whether its an iced out diamond pendant, blue diamond ring, or even a diamond teddy bear - Avianne & Co jewelers will forever remain the industry leader in Celebrity Diamond Jewelry.


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