In Light of the Major Changes to Online Marketing, Mid Carolina Freelance SEO Firm Makes Major Overhauls

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So much is changing in the search engine optimization / marketing climate that employing the same SEO tactics is no longer a viable solution for online or "Brick and Mortar" companies looking to improve their overall visiblity, prompting Mid Carolina Freelance to make drastic changes.

2011 has seen a major change in the landscape of internet marketing, mobile marketing, and the use of social media. The marketplace in becoming a melting pot, leaving many marketing and search engine optimization companies either scratching their heads, or making swift adjustments to their strategies in an effort to keep-up.

No longer can you be a stand-alone SEO firm that strictly focuses on how to get a website on page one of any major search engine. While this is not to be completely dismissed, to stay on top, your firm must change its' dynamic. Offering your client a comprehensive marketing plan is now a must. This includes - but not limited to - social media marketing, mobile SEO and advertising, and much more.

According to statistics from, 250 million people (50%) of Facebook users access their accounts through the use of mobile devices, and with 5.3 billion mobile devices in use, over 1 billion dollars was spent on mobile advertising over the last year (to current date), with the majority of ad revenue going to Google. "These are huge indicators of the shift in the marketing environment", stated Bryan Hollis, founder of Mid Carolina Freelance. "If you think you can survive strictly on web analysis, audits, and general SEO, you may be left out in the cold."

"Our firm is small and caters to a smaller market, but none-the-less, we encourage our clients to diversify their strategies," said Mr. Hollis. According to, the past year has seen a 77% increase in retail sales through mobile app use. "These numbers are staggering," continued Mr.Hollis. Mid Carolina Freelance has restructured the firm to keep in with the latest marketing strategies. The company has initiated a process of educating their employees to better understand social media marketing, and even the design and build stages of mobile app development. "We haven't been invited to Google's headquarters to get an overview of the Android operating system, but we do work closely with qualified third-party app developers to better understand the way the app needs to be marketed and search engine optimized."

Everyone knows now what a tremendous player in marketing social media is now. It doesn't pose any questions about its' power, only how to best implement it into your marketing strategy. Over the past year (to current date), 75% of company branded "likes" on Facebook came by way of advertising. Since this time last year, Twitter has gained 40 million new users with a 62% increase in mobile use. "This is just too much concrete evidence to show that you simply cannot offer your client the best solution by making changes to web content, meta data, link building and such," Mr. Hollis announced.

Mid Carolina Freelance has developed into a full-service marketing firm, offering email marketing management, low-cost yet high quality affiliate program management and marketing, and social media marketing and search engine optimization for mobile use. "Many of our clients don't need a highly technical or sophisticated mobile app. Most in fact, are able to have us develop simple mobile apps just to keep their viewers and subscribers up-to-date through mobile use. According to the level of marketing they are looking for, we then distribute their app to targeted areas, app distributors, and even the Android and iPhone markets."

"We have stongly implemented these strategies and already see significant results. Our company and those we employ will continue to stay with the most advanced platforms of education regarding mobile app, mobile app development, and social media marketing, " Mr. Hollis stated. Mid Carolina Freelance plans to continue their search engine optimization for organic results as this is their main-stay.


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